Summary: Discipleship is following Jesus. Our beliefs and our behavior go together. When we are truly disciples, we will be mentoring others.

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Reading the blueprint of a Godly life

Titus 2:1-15


Titus Chapter 2:1-15 (Book after 2 Timothy)


This is the sixth part of the series B.A.S.I.C.

Last week we began on discipleship. We again this morning will continue looking there.

Remember last week;

2 Characteristics of discipleship.

(1) is personal- what we learn from the Lord as being His disciple.

(2)- what we teach others about discipleship.

Discipleship is personal and it is corporate. God shows us things for our lives, and He also shows us things we need to teach and help others with in their life.

When Jesus went to the river to call some of His first disciples, Jesus went to them with a simple command. :Follow me”.

They did not become disciples until they answered the call.

A disciple is a follower of Christ.

Not just a person who knows about Christ, hears about Christ, talks about Christ.

The book of Titus is a letter from the Apostle Paul to a fellow believer Titus.

2 Cor. Calls Titus a brother, a partner, co-worker of the faith.

Some of the emphasis of the writing is instructions for Titus to help form faithful congregations.

It about Titus(a pagan, non Jew) being harassed about not being circumcised like the Jews.

It is about being caught up in Jewish myths, quarrels about the law, commandments outside the gospel.

Paul’s main theme to Titus and to us this morning - “Teach them (those we come in contact with) sound doctrine.

Here are one of the things to write down.

I. Beliefs and behavior go together.(Our words reveal our heart)

We can say we believe in a lot of things, but behavior will dictate what we really believe.

We won’t cross a rope bridge unless we believe it is strong enough to hold us.

We don’t take a stand for something we don’t believe.

Apostle Paul is telling us:

Teach Men- to be temperate (anger) teach respect, self control, sound teachings of faith.

Teach Women- modest in the way they live, not to gossip, train them to love their husbands, to live pure lives.

In everything we do, be an example, doing what is right.

Words like integrity, honor, come to mind. He goes as far to say live your life so close to what Jesus wants of us that even your enemies will not be able to find fault.


There was once a foolish man who didn’t trust God. One day he was sitting under a acorn tree in the crisp fall weather he looked up and noticed tiny acorns hanging on the enormous branches. “Hmph, silly God”, he said.”Those tiny acorns hang on branches large enough to support a man while those large and heavy pumpkins over there are supported by only thin vine. If I were God I would do things differently. Just about that time a strong wind blew and one of the acorns fell from the tree and hit the man on the head. As he was rubbing the sore, an elderly man who had heard him talking walked up and said, “aren’t you glad God wasn’t so foolish to put that pumpkin up there?

Most people do foolish things, want to blame God for them.

One is that people have not settled the issue of Jesus calling them and weather they will answer the call to follow.

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