Summary: A New look into what thanksgiving means.

This season of thanksgiving is often overshadowed by a violent history, or the biggest shopping day of the year, or an overcooked turkey. I want to take this time not to ask you what your thankful for but what tangible and intangible product are you giving to someone else. How are you being used as a tool to help someone give thanks? The Hebrew word for Thankful is Yadah, it literally means to use your hands. It gives the illusion of throwing something back. Today shouldn’t just be a day for you to be thankful for the blessings you have, but the blessing you can be to someone else. So instead of me rambling, I’ll leave you with a charge to help, encourage, and give.

There is a sermons series on this topic that will be coming up, so if you enjoyed this little tid bit then stay tuned.


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