Summary: This series focuses on seven steps to experiencing a renewal of faith based upon the life and ministry of Nehemiah. The series uses the acrostic R.E.B.U.I.L.D. to build each week towards the final session.

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Session Six: “Leading through Commitment”

Scripture Focus: Nehemiah 10

Opening Dialogue

As you begin this session with your group, consider opening this session with a discussion of things that people in your group have signed up for…and soon wanted out of! The idea here is magazine subscriptions, CD Music Clubs, or gym memberships. Once the group has had an opportunity to share some fun stories that help to break the ice, transition into the session with the introductory remarks below.

Session Transition: Well as we turn our attention to Nehemiah once again, this week we are going to focus on the commitments that are required when we desire to walk by faith in Christ…but these are commitments that we’ll never regret and never want to take back!


As we return to our journey through Nehemiah this week, I want us to consider our diagram that has guided our study. As we begin our session together this week, we are now in our 6th week of walking through the book of Nehemiah with the intent of discovering some key steps for experiencing revival and the renewal of our faith. And there on your diagram on the outline…you can see how far up the steps we have made it.

Recognize – Examine – Believe – United Focus – Identify God’s Word – Lead with Commitment

Review of the Story of Nehemiah

Before we get into our session, let’s do a quick review of what we’ve observed over the past 6 weeks and across 10 chapters of Nehemiah.

• We started out with Nehemiah’s brokenness over the situation in Israel as he was moved to pray, fast, and mourn over their plight.

• We read as Nehemiah walked through the destruction and issued the challenge, “Let us rise and build”.

• Before long everyone was working…each with a special task to complete the wall.

• As they faced ridicule, they declared together “God will fight for us”.

• And as the wall was completed, they returned to the Word of God with Ezra reading the law (that’s what our session last Wednesday evening covered).

• And now we arrive at Chapter 10…where the people renew their commitments to the Lord.

Session Goal: And as we study together this week, what I want us to discover in this session is that our renewal in faith REQUIRES that we take the lead in our own relationship with Christ and that responsibility for taking a lead role in our own growth means that we must make commitments. And so everything in this session is about our “commitments”.

I. Leading with a Commitment to His Word

God offers us a guide for the commitments we make in following after Him.

Read Nehemiah 10:28-29

Group Discussion Opportunity: I want you to think of some rules that your parents had for you when you were growing – maybe rules that you chose not to enforce quite as strictly with your own children. Can any of you think of a rule or chore that you had to do that was pretty tough growing up?

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