Summary: As Christians, we have many benefits because of our personal relationship with God. We do not have to fall prey to the bondage of the world and the traps of Satan. We can refuse fear because God has given us authority over it. We are to live victoriously

“Recession” Does the Famine affect my future?

Luke 15:11-14

A: The grip of the famine

Grip - hold, grasp, controlling, understanding, the feeling of pressure or strength of a thing.

B: Famine can affect you in different ways.

1. Genesis 45:4-11

2. Genesis 47:13 if you don’t do the right things in the recession it will bring you to poverty.

5 Ways that people respond to famines

1. They become doubtful (The God that I shout about in good times I doubt in tough times)

2. They become distressed (They become stressed out)

3. They become deeper in debt (They start doing things to just get by)

4. They become discouraged (I am ready to quit)

5. They become desperate. (I’ll try anything)

2 Kings 25:3

-Recession- a decline in economic activity, a slump due to a collapse of something.

3 things that should never be compromised due to anything

1. My peace

2. My praise

Duet 28:47

3. My position in faith. You keep calling those things that be not as though they were.

4 means at which God uses famine

1. Judgment or consequence. (The house of Israel had backslide Jer. 6:19-21) judgment comes at the end of a thing.

2. For warning: Elisha, He tells Him to get out of Gilead.

3. For correction: Israel had made a covenant to protect the Gibeonites.

4. For punishment: When Judah backslid God tells Jeremiah not to even pray for them.

We will overcome this famine

John 16:33

1 John 5:4 You are going to have tribulation. There is a club for everything that you are going to go through.

Romans 10:17 This is the time for the believer is to dig your heals in and walk in faith.

*I cannot afford to have a lack of the word,

Romans 8:35-37 there is nothing that should take place of my stand in the word.

Job 5:19-22 what is the word for The Church during this Famine?


Psalm 37:18-19

Jeremiah 17:7-8

7 Things to do during a Famine

1. Don’t lose hope.

2. Learn to hear God.

3. Build yourself up in faith. Confessions are key.

4. Have to courage to obey divine instructions. I may not understand.

5. Make receiving Godly wisdom a practice. No prayer partners, but wisdom partner.

6. Expect God to raise up others to help you.

7. You have to sow seed. Isaac sowed during a famine.

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