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Summary: Reclaim the table for outreach!

Reclaimed - Part 2, by Pastor Rob Ketterling

Yes! How many enjoyed the video? How many are enjoying your Reclaim cards? You enjoying those? I hope you're taking advantage of them. We still have some left if you didn't get them. It's one per household. And they are all good questions for you to be able to ask each other around the dinner table as you accept this challenge in our Reclaimed series. And, of course, it's been a great opportunity for us to reclaim the table and to be able to say that family dinners are real, that they are important, they belong. And we are going to reclaim the table for all that God intended.

Of course, there are three things that you're doing along with me in this. You are going to pray over every meal. Every meal; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Doesn't matter where you are; out at a restaurant, at school, in the boardroom. It is up to you whether or not you want to take the lead and pray out loud in front of everybody, but silent prayers do count. But I'm really looking forward to see how God, you know, uses all these opportunities.

Of course, the second thing is you have three family dinners per week together during this series. And I just absolutely love seeing that, because the third thing is you're using the hashtag, #Reclaimthetable, and I have been able to see all these people reclaiming the table all over the place. I saw one couple without a table, and they are like, "We are eating without a table. Hope we win, hint, hint," you know. So use the hashtag.

You can win the table. Somebody that is not on the staff will win one of those custom-made tables by using the hashtag, #Reclaimthetable.

Of course, we have our YouVersion app that is available Saturday night and Sunday. We've got it all worked out. It's available. If you go to YouVersion, you go to Live, search River Valley, you can follow along with all the notes and all the scriptures. It is

amazing. We got it launched in this series.

Now, in this series we are talking about reclaiming the table. And not that long ago I was in Spain and I was at our campus there, and I was telling them about this series.

I said, "I'm going to do this series called Reclaim the Table. You'll do it, too." Because they do it in a two-week delay in Spanish. And I said, "It is exciting. I'm going to challenge everybody to have three family dinners per week together." And they looked at me with a blank stare. And I said, "Is that too much? I mean, because I'm just asking for three family dinners. That's all. Just per week."

And they said, "We do seven."

And I said, "Oh, yeah, see America, we hardly do one."

And right then they dropped to their knees and started praying for you guys.

They just right there, intercession. They are like, "Are you kidding me? Our friends in America!"

I mean, it was -- I couldn't believe it. They really were. They were saying, "If we don't do five, that would be a bad week. We are always having family dinner together."

As a matter of fact, they told me about a tradition they do, and I want to share this with you, kind of connecting with our Spain campus in Valencia. And Becca is going to help me out. My wife, Becca, is going to come on out. One of the things they do is every Sunday they have a meal together. And what Becca has here is a paella. You can see this, a seafood paella, and it's got rice and different things. And they feast on this every Sunday. The mom would make it. Brings all the family together. This is their traditional meal. If you miss that meal on Sunday, Sunday afternoon, if you miss that meal, it's a huge insult if you're not there with mom. You have to have family dinner. She has to see her grandchildren. She wants everyone there, and it lasts all afternoon. As a matter of fact, we do our start time in Spain based on when the family meal is done. Because they sleep in

until 11:00, then they go to mom's. And you are like, "I want to go to Spain." They sleep until 11:00, then they have their family meal. Then when they are done with that, we have church in the evening, and they come in well fed.

So this paella is going to our music team after this, and they will devour it. I know you won't touch it because there is seafood. Now, because I did something a while back in another sermon, will you graciously take your seat in a comfortable seated chair? I love you so much. All right, there you go. If you missed that, you probably weren't in that sermon. Take your seat. Okay, so I did that, yeah.

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