Summary: Jesus was recognised when he was born, is he recognised today?

John 1:1-12; Luke 2:7; 2:21-35

Can you imagine Jesus being right here and people not recognising him??? … That’s what happened.

Want to look tonight at two men, one recognised Jesus as the Messiah and the other didn’t

1. Innkeeper

a) Was too busy with his business

b) Knew someone else would have to go

c) Perhaps looking for something else

d) Today:

i) People are too busy with their own agendas

ii) They know that if they accept what God is wanting to do … something else is going to have to go.

a) I see you carrying a sword …

iii) Many Christians are looking for something else

a) Want a blessing … God is saying go and share the good news

2. Simeon What made him different?

tradition = 113 years old (seemed eager to die)

a) Simeon was righteous but not religious

i) Pharisees had externalised religion

a) Outwardly observed religious practises but their hearts weren’t in it.

ii) Scribes who had professionalised religion

a) Had degrees and diplomas and could answer all the tough questions

iii) Sadducees had secularised religion

a) Sceptical and wordly … didn’t even believe in the resurection.

iv) Zealots had nationalised religion

a) Down with the Romans

v) Many religious Christians around

a) Pharisees … go to church tithe … heart isn’t in it.

b) Scribes … who can argue about all the doctrines … want everyone to see how clever they are

c) Sadducees … sceptics. Trust God to do difficult things. Wet Blanket ministry.

d) Zealots … Christian because you’re not a Muslim. People who follow Christ because it’s the in thing … haven’t made an individual decision.

vi) Simeon was not like any of these people

a) Pharisees … he broke laws

b) Scribes … never knew doctrine

c) Sadducees … but God can …

d) Zealots … not interested in fighting Romans


b) Simeon was righteous … taught by the Word

i) Not only did he know the word but he obeyed it.

ii) We need to know the word of God

iii) Don’t need to wait for a teacher

iv) Have all the scriptures for ourselves.

v) Talking to Alistaire this week … he was coming up with some heavy doctrinal theories … “great, he’s reading”. … What books have you been reading … “The Bible!”

vi) John MacArthur … go read John. Comes back in a few weeks and this man is talking like a Christian. “Did you learn this in John?” … Some of it, but I also read Mathew and Mark and Luke and I especially enjoyed the Palms.”

c) Simeon was full of the Holy Spirit

i) Holy Spirit mentioned 3 times

ii) Enjoy reading the Bible as a Pentecostal

iii) I’ve always been in the AoG but I haven’t always been pentecostal

I haven’t been opposed to the gifts, but they were for other people

Number of significant events:

* being challenged and inspired by Keri Southy

* Driving back from conference with Dave V.

* Seeing the change in Paul Johnson’s life

* our Youth Ablaze camps

iv) I used to sit in meetings and hear someone say “God told me … “ These people could recognise a move of God …

v) Simeon recognised Jesus

vi) Imagine what this scene looked like: Have you seen someone whose moving in an anointing … FOCUSSED. Imagine the comments of people who saw him … “there goes nutty Simeon again”

d) What stands out the most for me about Simeon is that he was passionate for more of God. He was old … but still looking for something new in God

Where does that leave us?

Innkeeper never recognised Jesus because

• Too busy with his own agenda

• Knew something else would have to go

• Looking for something else

Simeon recognised Jesus

• Righteous and not religious

• Knew and obeyed the word

• Knew and obeyed the Spirit

• Was passionate for more of God

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