Summary: A study of the book of Nehemiah focusing on renewal and cooperation

I. Nehemiah Waited For God’s Timing (2:1)

Chapter 1 sets the time as "the month of Kislev".

Kislev would be the months of Nov.-Dec. on our calendars.

Chapter 2 sets the time as "the month of Nisan" which would be our Mar.-Apr.

In other words, Nehemiah waited four months for an answer to come from God.

II. Nehemiah Took A Risk (2:1-2)

III. Nehemiah’s Fear Was Overcome By His Concern (2:3)

IV. Nehemiah Had A Vision That Was Greater Than Himself (2:4-8a)

V. Nehemiah Recognized It Was God’s Grace And Power In Him (2:8b)

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