Summary: In our life moral values are important. Many have misplaced or lost their priceless ethics along the way and need to go back and recover them.



I want you to meditate with me

this morning on the words:

recovering lost Moral values.

Recovering lost Moral values.

I’m sure that most of you

would agree with me in

making this affirmation

that in this life

if God allows you to wake up-

before you go to bed,

there will be something

that goes wrong in your life.

Sometimes it could be something


and other times it could be something

critical or life-changing.

But how many of you have actually

stepped back and truthfully

analyze the cause of your problem

or problems in your life

Now I have found that

there are four type of people

in this world:


The ones who will look at others

and blame them for the

problem or problems in their life.


The ones who will not

take the time to

stop or step back to examine

the problem or problems

in their life

because they are so

engaged with the things around them.


The ones who are consumed with causing

the problem or problems in their life.


The ones who will stop

take a step back

and evaluate the problem or

problems and realize they may

have to retrace their steps

to get the solution.


there are so many that

wonder if their problem

or problems are due to the fact

that they don’t know enough.

But you know beloved,

I have found that people make

other people feel inadequate

Negativity spoken to any

individual enough times

brands its image

in the mind of the person,

and solving life’s problem or problems

become more challenging.

We become who we think we are.

Tell someone they are dumb

or stupid enough times

they will start to believe it.

Tell a beautiful person

they are ugly enough times

and they will start to believe it.

Colossians 3:12 says:

12 God has chosen you and made you his holy people.

He loves you.

So you should always clothe yourselves with mercy,

kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience.

So the question

that stands at hand

this morning is:

What has happened to

our Moral Values

in this world?


it’s not because people don’t know

what’s right and what’s wrong.

There are many

who do know

the difference between

what’s right and what’s wrong

because in our world today

we have the opportunity for

accumulated knowledge.


we know more today

than men and women

have known in any period

of human history.

We know more about mathematics,

about science, about social science,

and philosophy,

than we’ve ever known

in any period of the world’s history.


it’s fact that

in our world today our technical

understanding is not slow.

We don’t need a scientific study

to show us that we’ve made progress

understanding technology.

Our technical progress

over the past years has been amazing.


we live in a world driven

by technology.

Man through his scientific brilliance

has developed a global communication

network called the internet.

The internet allows almost all computers worldwide

to connect and exchange information.

It is the internet that has aided

the social media craze.

Every day social media assumes

a more prominent role

as a preferred channel of communication.

Social media platforms

benefit many of

us personally and businesses are enjoying

the platform as well.

Now with smart phones, smart TV

tablets, and laptops we no longer have to

send a letter by mail.

As a matter of fact over the internet

a letter is not called a letter it’s called:

an e-mail, a text message, a Tweet,

an in box message.

Through the scientific brilliance

of men and women

distance has been altered,

and time has been placed

in handcuffs.

Today it’s possible

to eat breakfast in Cleveland, Ohio

and supper in Paris, France.


it can’t be because man

is stagnant in his or her

technical development.

Men and women’s

technical understanding

has been amazing.

I think we have to look

much deeper than that

if we’re going to find

the real cause

of many people’s problems

and the real cause

of the world’s obstacles today.


if we’re going to really find it,

I think we’ll have to look

in the hearts and souls

of men and women.

The trouble isn’t so much

that we don’t know enough,

but it’s as if many men and women

have sold themselves short.

The trouble isn’t

that our technical

understanding is slow,

but our moral intellect

is out on recess.

Many people have lost

their Moral Values.

Now immorality

(wickedness, corruption, dishonesty, and dissipation)

has come to fruition.


in our society today

the great problem facing

many modern

men and women

is the resources that

we live by today

has stripped

our spirituality

from the way

we once lived.


We need to Recover Our

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