Summary: This is the fifth in this series based on Luke 4:16-21 and using Luke 18:18-23 as the main text.


"Recovery of Sight to the Blind"

Luke 18:18-23

INTRODUCTION: In my opinion, the best part of the newspaper is the comic section. I often find

the truth about our society in the humor meant for children and then I can understand it. In one

such comic strip, Andy Capp, I found this series of events. Andy and a friend are hard at work

shooting a game of pool, when his friend leaves in the middle of the game. Andy can’t believe

it, and as the friend drives off in his new car Andy hollers at him to get his priorities

straight. (Seems that snooker is high priority to Andy Capp.) In the last frame, Andy makes a

very insightful comment. He says, "Some people work day and night so they drive between jobs in

a nicer car." That’s a good point! Sometimes people work so hard trying to get ahead that they

are behind when they arrive. They spent a lot of time climbing the ladder of success; only to

spend enormous amounts of energy just to hang on once they get there. And the worst part is that

they cannot let go. Their possessions are too grand. Their social position too gratifying and

their pride too great. Jesus met a man who fit this description to a tee; a man who was truly

blinded by his life. READ TEXT Our Lord had the gift of restoring sight to the blind, and not

just those who were blind of sight, but also those who were blind of heart. With the Rich Young

Ruler, Jesus faced a unique challenge of opening the eyes of one who could not see past his own



A. At first glance this guy seems to have everything going his way. He is wealthy - no worries

financially. He is young - life is still full of vigor. He is in a position of authority - a

mover and a shaker. What else could a man want?

1. Even in religious matters he was on the straight and narrow. In response to his first question

Jesus listed some of the commandments and they had been kept. This wealthy young magistrate

checked them off one by one as they had been obeyed in his life. But something was missing.

2. Yes, he had come to Jesus on his own - at least as far as we can tell. He was not seeking to

lay a trap or ridicule the Savior, but I believe he was seeking something Jesus would not give

him. He was looking for an official seal of approval on his life.

3. He was a 1st Century yuppie with wealth, health and power, and the right amount of religion

mixed in. He thought he had attained. He had all the right answers, all the right moves, all

the right connections. The only thing he lacked as a nod from Jesus and he would be set.

4. No longer would he be the Rich Young Ruler, rather he would be the Right Rich Young Ruler. God

approved, Divinely sealed and headed for destiny. He would have everything he needed and no one

could ever question his importance or his authority again.

B. Boy, oh, boy, that sounds all to familiar doesn’t it? How many times do we go to God with our

little list of good deeds and our program of obedience looking for His seal of approval. We have

all the right answers, all the right connections, the right position in society and belong to

the right circle in religious matters. But in reality, we like him, lack one vital piece of the

big picture.

C. In Matthew 13:14,15 Jesus said, "I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see

and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand. And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is

fulfilled which says: ’Hearing you will hear and shall not understand, and seeing you will see

and not perceive.’" Fits our Rich Young Ruler like a glove doesn’t it.


A. Can you imagine the shock he felt when Jesus answered his question, "What am I missing in my

life to live eternally?" Here is where we find the unexpected Jesus.

1. Our 1st Century Yuppie had been successful in business, spectacular in society and saintly in

religion. By most standards he as a great guy. What he expected was a pat on the back, even a little bit of praise, after all he had earned it.

2. Well, we would have given it too him wouldn’t we? Hey, be honest, that is exactly what we do.

We praise the popular, award the successful and exalt the super religious who have all the

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