Summary: God is angry at the wicked everyday; they have said there is no God

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Read Mark 11:20-22

When hope seems to have faded away, hope is to wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment. Jesus says have faith in God. Through all the conflict of interest and censorship that the children of this world work against me, sometime those circumstances in my life is nothing but the fig tree dried up from the roots. Darren was up but God told him to come down because the fig tree is all around him – Everything around Darren that does not give glory to God has dried up. Jesus tells me to (Have faith in God). Peter, the public, which is trying to survive on its own, is blaming everything on God. Jesus says to him have faith in God. What does it mean to (Have faith in God)?

It means the same thing as being in possession of faith like owning material wealth. Self-control is to be in possession of the faith of Jesus Christ. Dominating the territory that one has experience in. In the United States of America, race car drivers have labeled others who compete in the race whose car is running slow as incompetent by legal terms. Some car racers have been racing all their life; and they are quick to try to bring one down not only bring one down but also get a rush from tearing innocent people life apart. The fig tree is not the same any more – the earth of majesty, which everyone has the right to character, is fighting against the (Spirit of God) whom they cannot see not only are they fighting against (Him) who is invisible to the eye but also the people that believe in him.

If one thinks that isn’t the devil, that one has denied the biological activity within the body. A fool has said within his heart that there is no God. Study the word of God concerning the fig tree: pray for all you’re getting that it be the right understanding. Mark 11:21 says “And Peter calling to remembrance sati unto him, Jesus, Master, behold, “the fig tree, which thou curses’, is withered away.” Jesus says (Have faith in God) When one is in possession of faith, he or she has no problem making up their mind about serving the Lord in spirit and in truth. If you’re having a problem with self- restraint, you might be in training with the Lord to (Have faith in God)

I went to visit my Daddy at the dialysis center the other day, as soon as I walked in I saw my Dad sitting in a wheel chair. I walked up to my Dad and said “Do You Know My Name” because the report that I’ve been getting from other people about my dad has not been a very good one. The social worker bomb rush me saying don’t pressure him. I told her this is my Daddy; she didn’t care about me being his son at all. The next day, I went to visit my daddy, and requested to sit in with him while he goes through these difficult times in his life but the social worker prevented me from doing this, by sending the word no to the receptionist but she let other members of other families do it.

After my dad got off dialysis, he asks me to take him out side to catch some fresh air, so I did. Suddenly, an employee races outside where me and my Dad was and said the social worker says to bring him back in, but everybody else has the right to do what I can’t do for their family member.

Now, you’re about to see the devil. The word of God says try the spirit to see whether it be of God. There was a phone on the wall inside the dialysis center, so I called my daddy wife who is my (Step Mother) and told her how nasty the social worker has been to me. I spoke out loud so others could hear me to see what kind of spirit I was dealing with. When I left the dialysis center, there was a parking lot full of police officers along with a big red four wheel truck so I pulled in there to pray, suddenly these police officer at once drove away one behind the other. Shortly after they left other cars started pulling up into the parking lot.

So I left and went home and there was another police officer waiting in the parking lot near my resident. That particular day I’ve never seen so many strange cars passing by. Being Christ like means you have to be willing to fight against the influence that others have with the law of sin and death and it is sometime extremely partial. To prove the word of God is true when it says “They that live godly in Christ Jesus must suffer persecution”

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