Summary: If the Believer is to know and enjoy the abundant life that Christ came to provide, THEN there are some things we must know and apply to our lives, and the information and application of those “things” MUST” be accurate and in harmony. Romans 3:20-26

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Every day we should rejoice in our redemption. It is through God’s redemption we have forgiveness of our sins. However, the forgiveness of our sins is JUST the beginning of the wonderful "package" from God, we call redemption.

John 10:10 …I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.

John Ruskin was shown an expensive handkerchief on which a blob of India ink had been spilled. " Nothing can be done with it now," said the owner. "It is absolutely worthless."

Ruskin made no reply, but carried it away with him. After a time, he sent it back to the great surprise of his friend, who could scarcely believe his eyes. In a most skillful and artistic way, Ruskin had made a exquisite design, using the ugly blot as the center of the design.

A blotted life is not necessarily a hopeless, useless life. Through the forgiveness that God offers us in Christ, our lives, irrespective of the past, can be made beautiful and useful. Redeemed, we are forgiven and set free to live our lives on a much higher plane. Everyday we should rejoice in the forgiveness of our redemption.

Forgiveness is only one aspect of God’s redemption. I certainly would not want to say that forgiveness is the least in the this redemptive package, because forgiveness is gigantic without measure. However, the initial act of forgiveness that brings about the New Birth, takes up the least amount of Biblical text in God’s presentation of this redemptive package.

Christ’s coming and the provision of redemption was never intended by God to be limited to simply a "fire escape from Hell". Obviously, before any other aspect of redemption can be a reality in our lives, we must first have the forgiveness of sins.

As we saw in our last lesson, redemption is a package with many aspects starting as far back as the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden, continuing to the Believer’s new body and on into eternity. In reality, the redemption package extends back into eternity past, also. Christ is the "Lamb (of God) slain before the foundation of the world".

The Redemption package is NOT just an accumulation of many theological subjects. Redemption is instead, an inseparable unit with many different interrelated and integrated aspects. To understand any one of those interrelated aspects, we need a clear understanding of the whole.

Sad to say, in our desire to make the truths of the Word of God understood by the "common person", we have separated these many redemptive aspects into stand-alone units, often referred to as systematic theology.

There is nothing wrong with Systematic Theology, as long as we realize that it is a manmade system to assist us in learning and retaining Biblical information. It is a learning tool. Systematic Theology is not the Word of God, NOR should it be the reference for our Christian living.

We understand this fact in almost any other field, however we often forget this fact when it comes to Biblical understanding. As an illustration, take your computer…

You can know and even be an expert on such things as the "keyboard", the "motherboard", the "video card", etc., BUT just knowing a great deal about some of the parts, is no assurance that the computer will work properly. Before you can have any useful benefit from all those parts, all of those parts, plus MANY more must work in perfect harmony as a total.

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