Summary: Redemption


I. Definition.

The various words translated redemption, redeem, etc., are found 132 times in the O.T., and 22 times in the N.T. The essential idea is "freedom by payment of a price."

II. Demonstration.

The illustration of redemption is found in the book of Ruth.

A. The kinsman redeemer must be Acceptable (Lev.25:48-49/Ruth 2:20; 3:12-13).

To be acceptable one msut be a near kinsman, that is why our Lord had to become Man, not only related to Israel (Mt.1:1ff) also to the whole race (Lu.3:23-38).

B. The kinsman redeemer had to be Agreeable (Ruth 3:13).

As to Christ, see John 10:17-18/Heb. 10:5-10.

C. The kinsman redeemer must be Able (Ruth 4:6).

Christ alone is able to redeem us (1 Pet.1:18-19).

III. Description.

A. Agoradzo - means "to buy" and is used 3 times meaning to redeem. Rev.5:9; 14:3-4

B. Exagoradzo - which has the meaning of "to purchase out of" or "removal from sale"

Gal. 3:13; 4:5/Eph.5:16/Col.4:5

C. Lutroo - means "to release on receipt of ransom. Lu.24:21/Tit. 2:14

IV. Development.

"We are God's very own, being redeemed by Him. Every Christian therefore should wear a sign in his heart, "Not for Sale."

In this election year praise God we are not like the politicians seeking to get votes or approval from others. We can say no to sin and Satan because our allegence and worth is not for sale.

A. The Place - Sin Market.

1. Slave Maker - Adam (Rom.5:12)

2. Slave Master - Satan (Jn. 12:31)

3. Slave Market - World (1 Jn. 5:19)

B. The Price.

1. Required a Special Birth - a slave cannot redeem a slave.

a. Redeemer had to be Sinless [virgin birth].

b. Redeemer had to be a Near Kinsman (Heb. 2:14-15).

2. Required a Sacrificial death - "blood" purchased price - a life for a life (1 Pet.1:18-19; 3:18).

Redeemed FROM a Place BY the paying of a Price.

I entered military service in 1971, I raised my right hand and took an oath. From then on I was literally government property. They could do with me as they wanted and did! They told me where to live, what to do, and what not to do.

In 1976 I was redeemed from the military. From that day onward they had no say-so where I lived or on a variety of choices I would make.

In 1953 I was under the sway of sin and satan and then on the 7th of May 1974 I was redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ and set free to be a willing slave of Jesus Christ.

C. The Product.

1. Freedom.

Real freedom is being under God's control. It is like being enslaved to a toothbrush, it really means freedom from tooth decay.

a. Illustration - Israel set free from Egyptian bondage by way of the Passover.

b. Liberation - from Satanic and Sin nature bondage.

(1) From Sin Debt (Tit. 2:14).

(2) From Satan's Dominion (Col.1:13).

(3) From Curse of the Law (Gal. 3:10-13; 5:1).

2. Forgiveness.

1. Meaning.

a. Termonology.

(1) Assumes a Violation - man has violated God's Holy Character.

(2) Therefore Acquired an Obligation - that is a sin debt.

(3) Then, an Acceptance of a just Cancellation.

2. Means - how is this possible?

(1) Redemption - by the blood (Rom. 3:23-26/Heb.9:22).

(2) Remission - "according to the riches of His grace" (Eph.1:7), not "out of" but "according to." A millionaire might give you a dime out of his wealth, but not according to his wealth. Rom.5:20

b. Imagery.

(1) As far as the east is from the west (Psa.103:12)

(2) Cast behind His back (Isa. 38:17).

(3) Blotted out as a thick cloud (Isa.44:22).

(4) Cast into the depth of the sea (Mic. 7:19)

3. Message.

(1) It brings Motivation (Lu. 7:36-47).

(2) It brings Obligation (Eph.4:32/Col.3:13/Mt.18).

Forgiven people forgive!

Parker, "You cannot conceive God's notion of pardon...When God forgives, He does not merely barely pardon...He pardons with pardons! When he casts our sins away it is not into a shallow pool, it is into the depths of the sea...He pardons with pardons, with pardons again and again, wave upon wave."

D. Permanence of Redemption.

Heb. 10:10-18; 9:23-28.


Are we for sale? Still up for vote if the price is right? Or has our Redemption which brought Forgiveness and Freedom not cause us to be a glad slave of Jesus Christ.

Winston Churchill asked Lady Astor if she would be willing to go to bed with him for a million pounds?

She said, "Well, maybe for a million pounds."

He then asked, "How about for 10 shillings?" Lady Astor said in disguest, "Heavens no! What kind of woman do you think I am!"

Churchill replied, "Madam, we've already established what you are, we're now just haggling over the price!"

Johnny Palmer Jr

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