Summary: As believers, we have seen the Lord's glory, and we should reflect His radiance to the world.

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I. Luke 9:28

a. Christ took Peter, James, and John up with Him by themselves.

i. Not all the disciples get to see the same vision.

ii. Only closest friends went. If we want to see Jesus glory, we must be close, committed to Him—lukewarm friendship isn’t enough.

iii. Not all were ready for the vision.

iv. Even the three weren’t able to discuss it.

b. The disciples and Jesus had to go up a mountain to see this vision.

i. Labor

ii. Separation

II. Luke 9:29

a. Jesus’ appearance was changed as he was praying.

i. Christ’s eternal glory came through.

ii. Radiance was always there, but only now visible.

iii. Prayer was the effective means of this being revealed.

iv. Even His clothes were transformed…glory is infectious.

III. Luke 9:30

a. Moses, the giver (actually receiver) of the Law on Sinai.

b. Elijah, the greatest prophet, who after the vindication of the LORD on Mount Carmel, slew the prophets of Baal, and at the end of his days was taken up in a chariot of fire.

IV. Luke 9:31

a. His departure—His Exodus.

i. What was the first Exodus? The deliverance of the children of Israel from slavery to the Egyptians through the waters of the Red Sea.

ii. What was Christ’s Exodus? His death, whereby he delivered all men from slavery to sin and death through the cross and resurrection! Hallelujah!

b. Christ regularly prayed, and another prayer on a mountain also comes to mind.

i. On the Mount of Olives, in Gethsemane, the agony in the garden, where Jesus appearance again was “changed” as blood fell from him like sweat.

c. Glory, yes, but suffering too. These two are inseparable.

i. No true glory comes apart from its rightful purchase.

ii. Christ’s glory, as stunning as it was, was not yet complete, for his suffering and death—his exodus, departure—had not come to fulfillment—perfection.

V. Luke 9:32

a. Sleepy.

i. Disciples were weighed down by their flesh.

ii. Cares of the body overcame the desires of the soul.

b. Again, in Gethsemane, the Jesus found the disciples sleeping when they should have remained vigilant, earnestly praying even as he was.

VI. Luke 9:33

a. It is good for us to be here.

i. “Do you realize who that was?” We can’t believe it!

ii. Peter almost seemed to forget about the glorious, glowing Jesus.

iii. Peter wanted to remain in this moment—snap a picture, to keep it.

VII. Luke 9:34

a. Cloud

i. Presence of the God of Israel.

ii. Exodus 34:5

b. Disciples were rightfully afraid.

i. Psalm 29:3–9

VIII. Luke 9:35

a. Message

i. Theophany. This is My Son.

ii. Purpose: Listen to him.

IX. Luke 9:36

a. Jesus was alone

i. Moses and Elijah faded away.

ii. Jesus remained.

b. Undisclosed message

i. Not secret, but rather not understood.

ii. Until Jesus’ departure was brought to fulfillment, the wouldn’t understand.

X. 2 Peter 1:19

a. We have the word of the prophets made more certain.

i. We have Peter’s testimony concerning the transfiguration.

ii. Peter has seen His glory.

iii. Moses saw His glory.

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