Summary: Rejoicing in God’s protection and peace

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Rejoicing in God’s protection and peace

Psalm 4:1-2, “1

Answer me when I call,

O God who declares me innocent.

Take away my distress.

Have mercy on me and hear my prayer.


How long will you people ruin my reputation?

How long will you make these groundless accusations?”

Psalm 28


The LORD protects his people

and gives victory to his anointed king.

Psalm 17


I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God.

Bend down and listen as I pray.

Psalm 18


But in my distress I cried out to the LORD;

yes, I prayed to my God for help.

He heard me from his sanctuary;

my cry reached his ears.

Psalm 18:18-19, “18

They attacked me at a moment when I was weakest,

but the LORD upheld me.


He led me to a place of safety;

he rescued me because he delights in me.

Psalm 25


Turn to me and have mercy on me,

for I am alone and in deep distress.

Psalm 31


I hate those who worship worthless idols.

I trust in the LORD.

Psalm 31


May their lying lips be silenced--

those proud and arrogant lips that accuse the godly.

Psalm 69


Even my own brothers pretend they don’t know me;

they treat me like a stranger.


Passion for your house burns within me,

so those who insult you are also insulting me.


When I weep and fast before the LORD,

they scoff at me.

Psalm 69


You know the insults I endure--

the humiliation and disgrace.

You have seen all my enemies

and know what they have said.


Their insults have broken my heart,

and I am in despair.

If only one person would show some pity;

if only one would turn and comfort me.

Psalm 4 is a Psalm of rejoicing in God’s protection and peace. We can place our confidence in God because He will listen when we call upon Him. This psalm may have been written as David was asking his enemies to reconsider their support of Absalom. Others see this psalm as a prayer for relief from a calamity such as a drought (4:7). It was probably written shortly after Psalm 3.

We can trust and rejoice in God’s protection and peace through Yeshua (Christ) because He is our rock and our fortress an ever present reality when our lives seem to be shattered and torn asunder. When we feel like everyone in our lives is falling apart instead of turning to our friends, let us turn to the Lord for strength and courage. When we feel most alone, let us turn to the Lord, for He will give us the what our heart most longs for, comfort, and joy.

When we feel like the kitchen sink is being thrown at our door and every thing we do is wrong, the Lord is still our God, and unto Him do we live for, not for man, but for God as we present our lives to the Messiah, trusting only in God’s protection and peace in the midst of the storms and affairs of life. Let us walk and rejoice in God’s protection and peace through Christ. While people may say all sorts of nasty things about us, what matters most is to remind ourselves that it is not what they think that matters the most anyway, only what God thinks.

Psalm 4:3-4, “3

You can be sure of this:

The LORD has set apart the godly for himself.

The LORD will answer when I call to him.


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