Summary: A long term relationship is not based upon one experience but many. Intimacy is not one touch One hug One embrace A long term relationship Is built upon Many touches Many embraces Many hugs

A long term relationship is not based upon one experience but many.

Intimacy is not one touch

One hug

One embrace

A long term relationship

Is built upon Many touches

Many embraces

Many hugs

Past relationships

In the past had a relationship with someone

Maybe a friend from work school

But over the years doesn’t mean you know them now

In our Christian walk it is a Journey

For some a long journey for others not so long

One of the problems in our church society in America

We depend on one touch

One experience

Often times a Past experience

In the Life of the Disciple we begin to see a progression

Something Happened that changed their life permanently

To never be the same

To be willing to suffer a painful death and not turn back to not get distracted to turn to the left or to the right

Matthew 26:40-41

Disciples unable to stay awake and pray for one hour.

That should give us hope

They walked with the Master but still had a hard time to stay awake

Spirit is willing but he flesh is weak

But that does not give us an excuse not to stay awake

Luke 24:49

I’m going to send what the Father has Promised

Father has a Promise

And more than just one MANY

Stay in the City


Delayed Blessing

Be patient

Live in an Instant Society

Fast Internet

Fast Cars

Fast Food

Some Restaurant’s will tell you this plate will take longer to prepare

God does not move on our time table but in HIS time

Acts 1:12-15

They went back to where they had been with Jesus last

Scripture says About 120

They gathered together in prayer

Waiting for a touch

Waiting for the promise

Didn’t leave and get distracted

Question is where were the 5000 that saw a miracle of a loaf of bread and 5 fishes

They Saw a move of God

They saw a miracle

Received the blessing but didn’t stay with the blessor.

Many left a got distracted

But 120 remained


We often come to Christ we get a touch and then leave.

Go back to what we were doing

Children go to church

brought up in the church

Memorize scripture

Get older drift away

Some point it becomes a distant memory

Men Women Mothers Father

Go to church get a touch and then go back

We don’t need just a touch we need a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE

Yesterday’s touch is dead and gone just a memory


Disciples desires where changed

LIFE was changed

Acts 2:1-4

They received the promise and it changed their life permanently

Get baptized in water

Outward profession of an inward experience

Many have demonstrated an outward profession without the inward experience

Many have received water baptism this does not assure salvation water baptism is after repentance.

Baptized in the Holy Spirit

Is a totally different experience

That is a onetime experience

The moment you receive Christ as your personal savior the Holy Spirit come to live inside

It is the Holy Spirit that Convicts you of sin

It is the Holy Spirit that wants to lead you, guide you, comfort you, reveal Jesus to you.

Filled with the Holy Spirit

Is a constant thing over and over again.

We are just like water bottles

Life is constantly taking a sip from us

And if we don’t keep coming back to the fountain to get filled again we will soon run dry

We must stay in Faith, stay in Prayer, Stay in Fellowship

We need a LIFE Changing Experience


Maybe you have never received Jesus Christ as your personal Savior

AS you make your way to the altar someone is going to pray with you


You’ve drifted away know it is time to come back and receive restoration today is the day now is the time


Been struggling to pray, to read the word, to worship

Feel dry now is the time to come to Jesus ask for newness a freshness , rivers of living water

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