Summary: Brief Summary of how to build your relationship with God


Good day, today I would like to share with you the most important relationship you will ever have and that is with the Lord God our Saviour.

Now you have gone through the steps of salvation and you know that you belong to Jesus but situations and circumstances are getting to you. People are causing you to lose faith and hope. We need to stand firm and nurture this relationship.

Let us start by going back to the basics:

1) Allow the Holy Spirit within you to help you thru those days.

2) Praise and Worship God no matter your mood or emotions.

3) Make Prayer a part of every day, give it to God.

4) Speak to God in your Holy language given to you – Tongues.

5) Read your Bible, get to know God

6) Go to Church, have fellowship with Christians.

7) Be baptised, show people you are a child of God.

8) Have Holy Communion, repent from your sins.

9) Give your tithes and offerings freely.

10) Ask God to keep your Feelings under control.

11) Put on the Armour of God each and every day.

12) Watch what you say and how you treat people.

13) Start each day new in the presence of God.

14) Forgive those that have hurt you.

15) Obey the Ten Commandments, they are God’s Law.

If you follow this and live in God’s will, then God will keep His promises, He will guide and help you.

Ps Lorraine Greeff

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