Summary: This was one of three sermons from Colossians 2 & 3 for the fall start of school

Back To The Spiritual Classroom 3 Relearning The Lessons We Haven't Completely Applied

Col. 3:1-11

Dorn Ridge September 20, 2009



1.) We must set our hearts on things above.

A.) Because we Have been raised with Christ.

aa.) One of the aspects of our baptisms, which I emphasized last week was the fact that it symbolizes the resurrection of Christ.

aa-1.) As Christ was raised from the grave, we were raised from the grave of Baptism in order to live a new life in Jesus Christ.

B.) Because Christ is seated at the right hand of God.

ba.) Being raised with Christ, we are to live a new life which glorifies Christ.

bb.) Christ is seated at the right hand of God, and He is our pattern for life.

bb-1.) We must live with a view of things above, recognizing the Lordship of Jesus Christ over us.

2.) We must set our minds on things above. (vs. 3)

A.) For you died.

aa.) When we were baptized with Jesus Christ one of the aspects of the act of baptism is that of a burial.

ab.) When we went down into the waters of baptism we were basically on the receiving end of a funeral service.

ab-1.) The old sinful person was dead in Christ.

ab-2.) Because the old man of sin died, we held a funeral service for that individual burying that part of us forever.

B.) That concept of the old man dying was new to many people in Paul's day.

ba.) At the time of the First Century Church, a person could go and bow before an idol,worship, and sacrifice there, and then go on with everyday life, without any change in life whatsoever.

ba-1.) Pagan culture could worship (even the true Living God) but saw neither need nor reason to change their sinful life.

bb.) Contrary to this godless value system, Christianity emphasized a changed life.

bb-1.) Giving one's life to Christ required the old person to die and the life of sin that he had lived to exist no more.

bc.) Coming to Christ meant a complete and total surrender.

bc-1.) Such high standards and commitment caused many to think twice about coming to Christ.

bc-2.) Such a standard caused many even in the very presence of Jesus to turn their backs and decide that if that was what it took to be a Christian, that the demands of Christ were too great.

C.) Your life is now hidden with Christ in God.

ca.) The picture here is of a great treasure hidden away to be revealed at a latter time.

ca-1.) That is the picture of the Christian. In this present age, the world cannot see the value of Christians or Christianity.

ca-2.) Yet when Christ returns, He will reveal Christians to be His great treasure.

cb.) When we arise from the waters of baptism we look like the same person who a moment before had entered into the water.

cc.) Certainly physically, we are the same person.

cd.) But the person we become spiritually is an entirely different and new person.

cd-1.) The person we become is one whose sins are now covered by the saving blood of Jesus Christ, and therefore a redeemed treasure of God.

cd-2.) Physically we look the same, but spiritually we now become a glorious reflection of the radiance of Jesus Christ.

D.) Christ is now our life.

da.) Instead of sinfulness, God sees us through Jesus Christ.

da-1.) When God looks at us through Christ, He sees not our wickedness, but rather the Righteousness of His Sinless Son.

db.) When we have surrendered our lives to Him, Jesus Christ has taken us for his own, and has paid for us with His own precious blood He shed on the Cross.

dc.) In a very real sense, Christ becomes what life is about.

E.) When Christ appears, then you will appear with Him in glory.

ea.) The fullness of the greatness of being part of the body of Christ comes not now, but when Christ is revealed.

eb.) At that time we will come with Jesus, and be forever with those of the redeemed.


The reason we have to continually relearn some of the old lessons, is that God has given us the same body, and the same mind after our baptisms.

What that means is that even though we are new creations spiritually, and are trusting Christ, we have to make conscious efforts to become like Christ.

Being made new spiritually and having salvation, does not automatically put us in close fellowship with God.

Salvation only opens the door so that we can become very close to God, Salvation removes the barriers between us and God. We still have to consciously and continually for the rest of our lives battle with the old man, and decide to become like Christ.

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