Summary: This is a Bible study from John 3 that can be easily preached or taught in a small group setting.

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Religion Meets Relationship

John 3:1-16

I. Who Was Nicodemas? (v. 1-2, 10)

A. He was a ruler of Israel. This means that He would have been on the Sanhedrin, Pharisee and leading teacher.

B. He came on behalf of a group

C. He acknowledged that Jesus was a great teacher.

D. Why did Nicodemas come in the night to question Jesus? How is Nicodemas so similar to many people in our world today?

II. Jesus Describes and Confirms the New Birth Experience (v. 3-8, 11-13)

A. The new birth experience is a necessity and is exclusive in nature (v. 3). How does this fly in the face of the society we live in today?

B. The New Birth Is A Spiritual Event (v. 4-8)

1. Nicodemas is looking at it from a fleshly standpoint. (v. 4, 9, 12)

2. Jesus declares that there is a difference in fleshly rebirth and spiritual rebirth. (v. 5-6,) What are some examples of how some people attempt to be born again without involving the spirit of God? Go back and read John 1:14

3. Jesus declares the sovreignty of God in the work of Salvation where the work of the Holy Spirit is concerned (v.7-8). The bottom line is that when the Holy Spirit convicts you that you are lost and need to trust Christ you should accept that by faith. You will never totally understand or figure out the things of God.

4. Jesus Declares that the New Birth is definitely an experience (v. 10-11)

5. Jesus is the Revelation of the Salvation of God. (v. 13)

III. The Simple Formula for Salvation (v. 14-16)

A. It boils down to who you depend on for the work of salvation. (v.14 – Number 21:4-9)

B. It Boils Down to not what you believe as much as on whom you believe on. (v. 15)

C. It Boils Down to One Simple Verse. (v. 16)

1. We see the extent of God’s love (II Peter 3:9)

2. We see the depth of God’s love (Matthew 27:44)

3. We See the Invitation of God’s Love (Romans 10:9)

4. We See the Promise of God’s Love

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