3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Salvation does not come through religion but a relationship with Jesus Christ.

#22 8-26-07

Religion or Relationship?

Introduction, 1) How do you know if you are truly saved? 2) Are you relying on religious credits to save you? 3) Apostle Paul had a great amount of religious credits.

Text, Philippians 3:3-8

I. Salvation in not earned through Religion (3:4-6)

A. Salvation is not by Ritual

1. “Circumcised the 8th day”

2. Religious acts or rituals won’t save you.

B. Salvation is not by Race

1. “Of the nation of Israel”, God’s chosen people

2. No racial heritage will save you.

C. Salvation in not by Rank

1. “Tribe of Benjamin”, which was a prominent tribe of Israel. They along the the tribe of Judah where the first to recognize David as their

king, They with Judah where the last to two tribes to fall away

from God. The Benjaminites were considered the best fighters and were

sent into battle first.

2. Your position of status won’t save you. You can be a deacon, and elder and

even a pastor and not be saved.

D. Salvation is not by Repetition

1. “Hebrew of Hebrews”, This meant Paul kept the custom and traditions of the

Jewish heritage.

2. Keeping religious traditions will not save you.

E. Salvation is not by Religious Affiliation

1. “A Pharisee”, Paul was a member of an elite religious group, they only were

About 6000 in number of all the Jewish men.

2. Belonging to a church, an order and group will not save you.

F. Salvation is not by Religious Zeal or diligent service

1. “Persecuted the church”, Paul was so zealous he was involved in the execution

of 100s of Christians.

2. Sincerity or diligent service won’t save you.

G. Salvation is not by Rigorously keeping of Religious Rules

1. “Keeping the Law, blameless”

2. Keeping of rules for membership will not save you.

II. Salvation is through Knowing Christ

A. Religious credits count for nothing concerning salvation

1. Paul counted his religious credits as loss, like rubbish

2. Trust in religious credits is a great hindrance for many because it keeps them

from coming to Christ.

B. Paul found something of much greater value

1. “Surpassing value”, of much greater value of worth

C. “Knowing Christ Jesus my Lord”

1. Knowing: Greek word is ginosko, with means to know experientially,

more than intellectual knowledge

2. Knowing Christ through a personal relationship

3. Knowing Christ is what saves (Jn.17:3)

“This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You sent.”

Are you hoping your religious credits will get you into heaven?

Are you relying on religious ritual, church position, church affiliation, Christian

Service, or the keeping of rules to save you.

All these thing have no value in saving you.

What kind of relationship do you have with Christ?

Do you just know about Christ?

Do you know Christ personally?

Have you received Christ?

Does the Spirit of God indwell you?

Do you know Chris as your Lord?

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