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Summary: Dreams. How to see them come to take place in your life

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Tonight, the title is actually a hint to what the message is actually going to be about. We’re going to be talking about dreams.

What kind of dreams people have definitely vary.

Take a look at this video, to see what kind of dreams youth your age have.

Tonight, we’re going to be looking at a man who had a dream, but he didn’t have a typical dream that you and I would have. He had a dream that he wanted so bad, that he was willing to do whatever it takes.

Today we seem to have a problem with doing what we say. If nothing else, in talking with several youth, they want folks that are going to be real – back up what they say, and do what they say they are going to do.

There are several things that I believe for the youth of the nation that are dreambusters. Things that can cause dreams that God has placed inside of us to not happen, and I pray that first – God’s dream of us coming to Him happens first and foremost, then He can allow His dreams to happen through us.

1. Don’t be ashamed of our dreams

There are too many people in the world today who are ashamed of the things that God has given them to do.

We need to take a step out in faith with our dreams and not be afraid to stand up.

There should be a noticeable difference in us once Jesus becomes the Lord of our life. We need to realize and understand this!

We need to not be ashamed of the things that God has given us to do. We need to press forward in the grace of God to do what He’s called us to do

Bartimaeus had so much to be ashamed about. He was a blind beggar. He stood on the outside of the city gates and was blind, everyone didn’t pay any attention to him.

He still had a dream, and he wasn’t about to stop or be worried about what anyone else thought until his dream came true.

What motivation! We need to have the same!!

In order for God to fulfill His dreams in us:

1. Don’t fear of our dreams

Some people are so afraid of their dreams – if they can even make them happen. Regardless of how difficult our dreams may seem to us to reach, we need to strive after them with everything that we have.

Bartimaeus had a dream of seeing. He didn’t fear that he wouldn’t be healed, but he realized that he couldn’t be stopped, and he faced his dream, and he wanted his dream so bad.

We need to not fear the details of our dreams, but just to put our hope and faith in God.

Sometimes, the fear of our dreams, and whether or not we will fail will keep us from going after them.

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that every man, black and white would be treated the same.

The fact of the matter is that as Christians and believers, we need to not be afraid of failure.

Some of you have dreams, but you are too afraid to go after them, because you’re afraid that you will let yourself down.

GO AFTER THEM – Remember the scripture in Phillippians 4:13.

The word all in the Greek literally means: ALL!

God is looking for some teenagers who will not be afraid of their dreams, but be confident that their God is who He says He is!

Isaiah 35:4 – “Be strong and do not fear”

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