Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Challenge for Palm Sunday to recognise Jesus as King

Mark 01:29-39 Basingstoke 24 March 2002 Remember Jesus is King

If you saw the film Cast Away with Tom Hanks, you’ll know who Wilson is.

He’s a volleyball which floated ashore in a package after the FedEx plane, in which Hanks was riding, crashed into the sea during a bad storm.

Hanks plays Chuck Noland, a fast-paced FedEx exec stranded on remote Pacific island after his plane crashes, with little chance of survival.

Tries to start a fire with a sharp stick & cuts his hand severely.

In anger, throws volleyball as hard as he can. When it lands, he sees blood from his hand has made an imprint which looks like a fiery head.

With his finger he fashions a face in the blood — an idol, if you like.

Chuck talks to his new friend, may even say prays to Wilson as he makes a fire.

Through the film he communicates with this ball, asks his help, curries his friendship. Nowhere does Tom Hanks every talk to God. He prays to the ball, but never to God.

He has more trust in a ball than God! But then you must ask why people trust all kinds of things rather than God? They talk to friends, read self-help books, seek out counsellors and therapists but never turn to God

2 world views One is Humanist the other with God in the picture

2 directions to choose – One that offers Self Help the other God’s Help

2 Ways to go - One is my Way & my answers other is God’s way & His answers

2 kinds of authority- One is My authority the other is God’s authority –

The same choice presented in Mark’s Gospel - a choice – between 2 kingdoms

the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Sin and Satan

Jesus proclaims v15 “The time has come, the kingdom of God is near”

i) In one sense Jesus Kingdom is future - The Day of the Lord – the coming crisis of 2nd Coming- final judgement the New heaven and earth

A date in God’s diary when His glory will cover the earth as water covers the sea!

ii) In another sense God’s Kingdom is now! Here with us!

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday he rode in as King

Made a very public statement - as Messiah his Kingdom had come now! Its here!

Jesus said in v15 “the Kingdom of God is "Near" –

Not “Near” in the time sense i.e. - its "Near to lunch"!

But “Near” in proximity – Close Jesus says “I’ve come near you” I am with you.

Jesus is King where ever He is, that’s where He rules!

His kingdom isn’t one with geographical boundaries

The place where he wants to rule and reign is in the heart of Christian believers

Jesus presents us with a challenge – Do you want him to rule as King in your life ?

Care! Jesus comes to us as King but not in the sense we understand Kings.

In England we live under constitutional monarchy with a figurehead Queen –

She has immense status and honour but very little real authority

We may come out to wave and cheer if she visits but her authority hardly touches our lives. The true authority lies in Parliament.

Sadly many treat Jesus Christ like a constitutional monarch! figurehead king!

Happily come out for a bit of worship, but where’s His authority seen in my life?

Gladly Sing: "Jesus is King I will extol Him" but where’s my obedience to the King?

His coming as King challenges us and encourages us. The same Jesus who came as King with authority over demons sickness storms and enemies “Comes near” to us As we come face to face with him - 3 things to remember


This Beautiful story gives us a glimpse of Jesus’ character – His love and compassion

Jesus left synagogue for privacy of Peter’s home. Peter tells of His need.

“We must get our own Sunday lunch today. Mum’s in bed gripped by high fever.”

Jesus doesn’t settle for that

Matthew says how gently Jesus touched her,

Luke tells how like a doctor he bent over her

Mark says Jesus took her and helped her up - How compassionate and gracious he was with her.

We hear noise outside. What’s happening? Crowd at the front door- What a sight!

Sick people on stretchers, lame carried, blind being led, demonised brought by

relatives and friends.

It looked worse than Doctors surgery after a Bank Holiday!

100s who Mark tells us "Who had got it bad!"

Sabbath was over at 6pm, and news spread of exorcism in morning service.

People were now free to carry the sick. Whole town turned out to see Jesus.

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