Summary: This sermon reminds us to remember the tragic end of Lot’s wife.

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1. Great Sin is a Time of Great Laxity.

A. Sin dulls our spiritual senses

B. Morality becomes Indefinable

C. People become predators

2. Great Warning will Precede Great Judgement.

A. Prophetic preaching

B. Natural disasters

C. Chaos and disorder

3. Jesus Reminds Us of the Danger of Forgetting.

A. Remember Noah’s day

B. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah

C. Remember Lot’s wife

4. Lot’s Wife was More Concern About her Stuff Than Her Soul.

A. Invaluableness of the soul

B. Unprofitableness of clinging to our stuff

C. The soul, the greatest loss of all

5. Life Involves An Escaping From and and a Looking Forward.

A. Lot’s Wife could not stay focus

B. Her possesions turned a movement into a monument

C. She knew the danger but still look back

6. An Individual Can be Lost in a Saved Family.

A. Her family could not save her

B. Her husband kept running

C. Her children kept running

7. No Halfway Religion

A. Nearly saved means totally lost

B. 991/2 won’t do

C. Her body was outside of city but her heart remained in Sodom

8. Too Much Love for This World will Ultimately Cause US to Lose Our Souls.

A. The world is temporary

B. Our possesions are on loan to us

C. Earthly possesions must not replace heaven’s promises


Remember Lots Wife...

Remember where heart was...

Remember where her treasure was...

Remember where her life ended...

Where is your heart? Is it still in Sodom?

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