Summary: A criminal was hanging on the cross with Jesus. In his dying moments he reached out to the Lord.

Then he said unto Jesus: "Remember me come into your kingdom."

One of the two criminals who was hanging on the cross,waiting on death to claim his mortal body and existence, realized that he was a sinner,and because of THIS, fell short of the glory of God. The thought of being destined for hell,probably rose fear in the criminal's heart.In those last moments his spirit cried out for redemption and salvation.Frantically he searched for a way to redeem himself.Although he deserved to die a lost soul,he refused to accept his sinful condition,and believed that there was MORE to eternity then just a memory.

An unknown force compelled him to turn to Jesus.As he was looking into Jesus' face,he realized that he was in the presence of God....that Jesus was MORE then just a man.....He was the son of God...the lamb that washed away the sins of the world. He realized that THIS was HIS moment of deliverance from his burden of sin...HIS appointment with God.For God SO loved the world that he gave His ONLY begotten son,so that who so ever believed in Him should NOT parish,but have live everlasting(John 3:16).With his dying breath he reached out to Jesus.....confessed his sins:"Remember me when you come into your kingdom." It was ALMOST as if he wanted to say:"I'm a sinner Lord. I lived with out you ALL my life long,but I can NOT die with out you.Have mercy upon my soul". I believe that an inexpressible sensation,took hold of his soul,as he experienced the love and grace of God...he died a free man,free from sin and spiritual death.Hallelujah!!!

By HIS wounds we are healed (Isaiah 53:5) from our short comings,illnesses,wickedness,gossip,unforgiving hearts,small mindedness,lies,cheating,betrayal,self righteousness and hatred.However,there IS a price to be paid BEFORE we reach THIS stage.We MUST surrender ourselves, just as we are and unconditionally to God.

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