Summary: Do you remember the good times in life? God told Joshua to make sure and remember by setting up a memorial. He said when your children ask, remind them of my goodness!

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Remember When…

OPEN: Every person, no matter who they are has struggles in life. Problems and difficult times come to everyone.

Jesus said that “…in this life we will have trouble” (John 16:33) …and we know that Jesus didn’t lie.

But you know, the opposite is also true… In this life we are also going to have good times too. In fact, the truth is we will probably have more good times than bad; it’s just that we probably remember the bad times more than the good times.

If you have your Bibles, please stand with me and open them to the book of Joshua, Chapter 4.

(Read Joshua Chapter 4,, verses 1 through 7)

TEXT: Now just to give you some background here, the children of Israel had been held in bondage in Egypt under Pharoah. Moses negotiated their release, and with God’s supernatural help, they were set free. Then they went through the desert, spending forty-years in the desert with Moses as their leader.

We can only imagine how much trouble they faced. Bible scholars suggest that somewhere around two-million people were with Moses in the desert. Imagine having to feed two million people, clothe two-million people, listen to the problems of two million people. Imagine having to wash clothes for two million people! Whew! How difficult that must have been!

But finally, Joshua (who was the leader under Moses) takes them to the other side. On this side (motion with hands) there is hot, dry desert. But on this side (motion with hands) was the promise land, a very beautiful place.

Well, while they were crossing the Jordan River, which separated the dry land from the Promise Land, God tells Joshua to take twelve stones (one for every tribe) and stack them up as a MEMORIAL FOR WHAT I DID FOR YOU.




Then God said to them “when your children ask you, “what does this mean? What are these stones for”? You can tell them how I provided for you.

Church, that is what we need to do this morning as well….WE NEED TO REMEMBER WHEN!


STORY: I remember when Tommy and I had nothing. We got married young and those early years were really a struggle in so many ways. Shortky after we got married, we went into full-time ministry. I remember our first ministry position. We were in a little church in Round Rock, Texas. We lived in an old farm house that was built in 1904. It had no air conditioning, no central heat, and usually it didn’t have running water. The house was built before they started using insulation so it was real hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. (tell the rest of the story)

And even though we don’t live in a mansion now….the Lord has brought us a long way!

We need to remember when we had nothing and how the Lord brought ALL OF US UP! We need to understand that the blessings are from the Lord. Not because we are smart or good with investing…but it is because the Lord has blessed us.

Deuteronomy 8:18 says “it is he (God) who gives you the ability to produce wealth…”

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