Summary: The final sermon in the series as Solomon reminds us to Remember our Creator.

Remembering God

Ecclesiastes 12

August 30, 2015

Live in continual communication with God and with a constant awareness that He created you.

I wonder how many times I have told people I will remember something and within 10 seconds I have already forgotten what I was supposed to remember. Does that ever happen to you? It’s not only the simple things like what were those 3 items to buy at the grocery store. It goes way beyond that. In fact, I would guess most of you have not even considered gravity today. I bet you forgot about that.

You probably didn't wake up this morning and think, ‘Thank you Lord for gravity! For without gravity I’d be floating around this room! I wouldn't be able to walk or digest food!’ We don’t remember that gravity was set up by God to help us function on Earth. We don't think about it that much.

Is God like that to you — some gravitational force that keeps things going but is rarely given much thought? Solomon is reminding us today — Remember God.

Consider your car's windshield. Yes, I’m getting a little silly here. But, do you know how hard it would be to drive somewhere without a windshield? Your hair, well some of you would have your hair out of place and bugs all over you. Give thanks for your windshield. When was the last time you remembered to get into your car and gave thanks for your windshield? Is God like that to you? Do you look right past Him and forget what He does?

Today will be our last day looking at Ecclesiastes. We are looking at chapter 12. Solomon told us ~

1 Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say, “I have no pleasure in them”;

Solomon is reminding us to keep our focus on God — that we should remember Him. God is not like a windshield or gravity. Neither of those things cares whether you acknowledge them or not. Your windshield doesn't say to itself — ‘I feel so unappreciated; I do all this work, and they never notice me.’ What separates God from a windshield is that he is a Person. When you go a few days or even a week without remembering your Creator, you function independently of Him. The windshield doesn’t care, God does.

If you needed to borrow something, you wouldn’t go up to a complete stranger and ask to borrow their lawn mower. You don’t know them and you have not built up a trust relationship with them. When you know somebody you are more willing to ask to borrow something.

I think it’s the same way with God. If you haven't established a relationship with God. If you have not devveloped a relationship where you trust and have confidence in God, it’s difficult to ask God for things. I believe your spiritual walk with God is not going to be as thriving as if you had an ongoing and growing relationship with God. I think, intuitively, you know it’s not courteous to ask for things when you haven't established a relationship. Does this mean you should stop asking God for things? No! It means that you first need to start remembering your Creator. But how?

I think it’s as simple as moving through the day with your Creator.

You begin to remember your Creator simply by talking about your day with him. It’s so simple, yet, too many people don’t remember this. I’m really talking about prayer. And I’m talking about very informal prayer. You don't have to have a long list of stuff to ask Him; you can just start talking about what's on your mind that very moment.

Generally when we’re driving to work our minds are on about a hundred things other than driving. We’re thinking about home life, our friends, a situation we’re struggling with, work, school, our health, and that list is endless.

So, as you’re driving remember that God is with you! He has promised to always be with you. So, yes, when you’re making a mad dash to work or school or wherever . . . remember God is with you.

Start talking to God about what’s on your mind. Move your lips when you’re talking, it will keep you on track especially if the radio is on. Who cares what others think. They probably will think you’re on your bluetooth phone and . . . you kind of are . . . but with God.

Simply start a conversation. It doesn't have to be all religious. Talk about what’s on your mind, talk about what your heart is saying to you. Talk about the traffic. Whatever it is, remember to share with God what’s going on. It doesn’t sound all that devout and holy and pious. But, you’re talking to God, and that’s what is most important.

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