Summary: The dangers of looking back on sin usually results in a longing for some of the pleasures of this world.

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Jesus used Lot’s wife as an example of how dangerous it can be to look back and long for the sinful things that God has saved us from.

Jesus used two events in history to make the point of how people would ignore the warnings of God’s Ministers, or servants.

The days of Noah: The flood came after some 120 years of warnings in the preaching of Noah. They laughed at him, and made mockery of his giant Boat he was building on dry land with no possible way to get it to water. (They thought)

If the modern commentators had lived in those days, no doubt they’d try to explain why Noah MUST have misunderstood God’s message. They may have joined the world in saying he was a crazy man! (Some of them think we are crazy now!)

Noah had plenty of time so he saved all his possessions, but Lot only had 12 hours notice and only escaped with is life. Jesus used that example to tell us that when he comes, there will be no other warnings. It will be as quick and vast as a lightning bolt from one end of the sky to the other.

Who will be saved? All those who are watching for him, and have made ready in their hearts.

In School we were taught to remember our forefathers, Columbus, Washington, Lincoln, along with many others.

In the Bible there are many patriarchs, throughout the OT, but Jesus only said to remember one person, “Lot’s Wife”.

Remember lot’s wife? Why? What is to remember?

1.She was “almost” saved! Angels were leading her to safety. She chose to ignore the warnings and looked back in regret for what she was leaving behind.

2.She heard Angels preaching, leave this wicked place behind and be delivered into victory from the world.

3.Remember that her final act of disobedience turned into a memorial that was to be seen for centuries, and preached about for thousands of years, unto this day.

4.She heard the same kind of message that Peter preached in Acts: chapter two. To save her self, but chose to linger instead.

There isn’t enough time to do the whole story on why to remember Lot’s wife, but there is enough time to say, Turn to God! Escape the clutches of sin!

Never regret giving it up!

Avoid becoming a statue in the eyes of others by pulling away form your guardian Angel to look back into sin!

Stay saved! Stay sweet in your soul!

Remember this, "To be almost saved, is to be LOST".

God Bless You!

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