Summary: Let’s look at those Christian responsibilities and be reminded about how they apply to us. 1- Remind the people to obey those in authority 2- Remind the people to be considerate toward all 3- Remind the people to remember God’s love

INTRO.- ILL.- Fanny Crosby, was an American mission worker, poet, lyricist, and composer. A lifelong Methodist, she was one of the most prolific hymn writers in history, writing over 8,000 hymns and gospel songs, with over 100 million copies printed. This is despite her being blind from shortly after birth. Crosby is also known for her preaching, teaching, and her rescue mission work. By the end of the 19th century, she was "a household name".

Known as the "Queen of Gospel Song Writers" some of her best songs are: "Blessed Assurance", "Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour", "Jesus Is Tenderly Calling You Home", "Praise Him, Praise Him", "Rescue the Perishing", and "To God Be the Glory". Because some publishers were hesitant to have so many hymns by one person in their hymnals, Crosby used nearly 200 different pseudonyms during her career.

Crosby once said: “Before 1840 my friends had nearly spoiled me with their praises. At least I began to feel my own importance as a poet a little too much.

“So the superintendent, Mr. Jones, thought something ought to be done to curb such rising vanity. One morning after breakfast I was summoned to the office. It was an impressive occasion, and I remember what Mr. Jones said almost word for word:

“Fanny, I am sorry you have allowed yourself to be carried away by what others have said about your verses. True, you have written a number of poems of real merit; but how far do they fall short of the standard that you might attain.

“Shun a flatterer, Fanny, as you would a viper; for no true friend would deceive you with words of flattery. Remember that whatever talent you possess belongs wholly to God. You ought to give Him the credit for all that you do.”

Then the dear man said to me, “Fanny, have I wounded your feelings?” Something within me bore witness that Mr. Jones spoke the truth. So I answered, “No, sir. On the contrary, you have talked to me like a father, and I thank you very much for it.”

"In years afterward I gradually came to realize that his advice was worth more than the price of rubies."

It’s good to be reminded of certain things in life. It’s good to be reminded to stay humble and remember that every good gift comes from above, not from us. He is the author of good in us. To Him be the glory! (I Corinthians 10:31)

And it’s the job of every gospel preacher to remind his people of what God says in His word about life. In our text, the apostle Paul urged Titus to remind the people about their Christian responsibilities.

PROP.- Let’s look at those Christian responsibilities and be reminded about how they apply to us.

1- Remind the people to obey those in authority

2- Remind the people to be considerate toward all

3- Remind the people to remember God’s love


1 Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good,

ILL.- I love the old story about Christian Herter who was the governor of Massachusetts in the late 1950s. He was running hard for a second term in office. One day, after a busy morning chasing votes (and no lunch) he arrived at a church barbecue. It was late afternoon and Herter was famished. As Herter moved down the serving line, he held out his plate to the woman serving chicken. She put a piece on his plate and turned to the next person in line.

"Excuse me," Governor Herter said, "do you mind if I have another piece of chicken?" "Sorry," the woman told him. "I'm supposed to give one piece of chicken to each person." "But I'm starved," the governor said.

"Sorry," the woman said again. "Only one to a customer." Governor Herter was a modest man, but he decided that this time he would throw his little weight around. "Do you know who I am?" he said. "I am the governor of this state."

"Do you know who I am?" the woman said. "I'm the lady in charge of the chicken. Move along, mister."

It’s called respect for authority whether that authority is the police or the lady dishing out the fried chicken. Respect for others in life is essential for a better and that includes respect for authority.

ILL.- I remember in 1968 after I bought my first new car, a 1968 Pontiac Firebird, a hot car of sorts. I was driving down 4th Street in Joplin, MO, when suddenly I was pulled over by the Joplin police. As soon as I pulled over, I jumped out of the car and went back to talk to that the Police officer. What was wrong with that? Nothing back then but it would be today. When you get pulled over by the Police or Highway Patrol you stay put in your car otherwise, they may blast you with their loud speaker, saying, “STAY IN YOUR CAR!”

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