Summary: Take control of your life-by the power of God

I try to tell you every week what God thinks of you

How beautiful you are in his sight

But when I tell you that, you hear it and that’s as far as it gets

It has to sink into your mind

Or you’ll always be what you think

Eph 4:17-24

Lets make some observation

Old man and New man


ho I was and who I am (expound)

How do I change my thinking - is in the

Spirit of my mind

We have to constantly be renewing our mind


hurch does more harm than good often

They say, "Just choose Jesus today your life will be different"

"Call on the Lord and you circumstances will change by tomorrow"


You can get born again- filled w/spirit- speak in tongues- runaway

If marriage is goofed up- it’s stiff goofed up

kids goofed up- theyre still goofed up

broke today- you’re still broke

Being a Christian- don’t make you rich

You will have a new spirit- residence- new hope

You can’t just come to Jesus and It will all be alright

That’s the problem- people love hearing they’re going to heaven

Tell them it’s a journey, they have pray, seek, learn the word

Guy said to me “YOUNG MAN”- bad sign

Been thinking this way B4 you were born-

That’s a long time to be dumb

That is no justification- that don’t make it right

They thought for 150 years slavery was alright-

We judge by appearance- You might not like tatoos

I’m opposite - I see a guy in a suit- I cringe

I’m afraid to people I’m a preacher

Put on the new man- we often wear the old one

Romans 12:2 “be not conformed to this world, but be transformed..

We should daily be changing our minds- discuss changes in me

Husbands- think it’s alright to treat your wife that way

Alright to talk down- not listen- treat bad- rattle you tea glass

Wives- Jezebel spirit- won’t submit- hurting your husband, kids

We should be able to look at all these things- change our thinking

I wish preacher fix my wife, fix my husband,- fix my kid


They ain’t supposed to be driving at all-parent drive-That’s your problem

You’re bigger than they are

Your attitude will determine you altitude in the Kingdom

There is no place on the earth where there are no problems

God wants us to change how we see our problems

“Blessed is he who overcomes”

Colossians 3:1-4

Seek those things above- How?- vs.2 put my mind on it

We gotta start giving God our thoughts

Lord, I’m in this situation, what should it do?

Lord these people don’t like me, what do it do

“Overcome evil with good”

vs. 8-11- put away wrath etc….keep putting the old man back on

Quit thinking like we used to think-preacher, mom, dad

Fighting same problems- we don’t want to change our thinking

Isaiah 55:6-8

Heard a lot “turn from your wicked ways”

Also have to change our thoughts

Nowhere in the bible: order of service- songs- length- how to dress

Everybody thinks If Jesus was to walk in- sandals –robe

Then there are things that are in there, that people hate

Raising hands, clapping hands, dancing, laying hands on sick

Luke 6:39- everybody knows this verse-even sinners- cast stone

Do u wanna follow blind or see?

If you follow someone- will you end up where they go

Can I get a witness vs. 40 comes after 39

Vs.40 you will become whatever you’re being taught

If it’s wrong- we must be re-taught- be transformed

I don’t wanna listen to a man teach on marriage who don’t have kids/wife

Don’t want to hear a guy without kids Teach on being a father

You can’t even be a parent till you have a girl

If you’re having financial problems- friends broke


James 3:1

Why did James say that?

What I share affects how you view the world

I better not be giving-lies, condemnation, guilt

Pastors/teachers must teach the truth

Don’t be led by the blind

Don’t be conformed to this world

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind

God’s begging you to get to know him in a new way

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