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Summary: God wants to do more than just renovate bits and pieces of your life, he wants to recreate every part of who we are. (Regeneration, Baptism)

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Renovator or Creator

Grant van Boeschoten

January 18, 2008

There is a new type of programming that has emerged onto our Television in a powerful way over the last 10 years. There are a ton of shows that are all about doing work to your home. “Trading Places” and “Take this house & sell it” are two examples of these types of shows.

Different personalities have also emerged. Two distinct people that I think of are Mike Holmes and Ty Pennington.

Mike Holmes is the star of HGTV’s “Holmes on Homes”. Distraught homeowners invite him to their house to fix poor construction problems. Mike Holmes has a unique way of digging down to the root of a problem and replacing everything else along the way.

Ty Pennington is the main face behind ABC’s “Extreme Makeover Home Edition.” His approach to a problem is a little different than Mike Holmes though. Typically in an episode a family will apply for help with some sort of extraordinary predicament. It might be that they have handicapped children, it could be that they have some compassion based project running out of their home. There is always a heart touching story though and the team from ABC will go and meet the family and tour what is usually a dilapidated and run down home.

The family is then sent on a vacation while the team goes to work on their house. And by work I mean completely demolishing the old house and building an absolute dream home in its place. When the family returns from vacation a whole community of volunteers and friends will have gathered to welcome them home to a new and awesome house. The show climax’s as the crowd shouts “Move that Bus” and as the bus drives a way the family sees their brand new home.

Holmes on Homes is about renovations, Extreme Makeover is about creating brand news homes.

Most people think of God like they think of Mike Holmes. They think that he is the renovator of their lives; That he will take the parts that are faulty and renovate them to a much better condition.

Not many people think of God like they think of Ty Pennington though. They don’t realize that God is the creator of life; people don’t grasp that when you become a Christian God wants to do more than to renovate your life. When you become a Christian God wants to make you a brand new person.



One view that people commonly have on life is that people are born brand new. They are perfect and flawless and just amazing. But then life happens. Children grow up and innocence slowly gives way to maturity. We become youth and maybe even some people rebel. We go through different family situations, and some people are still blaming their parents today for mistakes that were made in their child hood years ago.

But then there is the hope that the pieces can somehow be put back together again. Oprah has one of the most successful talkshows of our era, and it is all about helping people to put the pieces back together again.

Self help books are published on mass. Many of these books are ways to overcome the pain of the past and make the best of the future. They are books that helps us to organize and reassemble our lives.

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