Summary: The description of what happens when spiritual holes are created within the soul, and nothing is ever done about it.

-Josiah’s Reign

-Josiah noticed the temple needed repaired

There were HOLES in the temple

Alot of us have holes in our that are starting to be noticeable by others.

You must repair the breaches or else they will get larger and larger.

As the Breaches start getting larger, the worldlier spirits start getting into your life.

Your letting every wind of doctrine flow from in and out of the breach that you have let enter within your life.


By not repairing the breach within your temple, your showing God that he isn’t needed. God put you on this earth for a reason, and he expects you to take care of your temple.

Isaiah 58:12 " And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places; thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations and thou shalt be called, THE REPAIRERS OF THE BREACH."

When your walking the bridge of restoration, you seem to be doing fine, until you reach the breach.

You must set the foundation of faith before you can repair anything else.

Without a skyscraper there is no building.

A body with no heart is just a corpse

A body with the Lord is one temple that cannot be destroyed!!

Once you reach the break in the bridge, you think back to the mistake you made of not being THE REPAIRER OF THE BREACH!

When the braeches from your life catch up with you, you soon find out the after effects of not repairing your breach.

Ast time passed, you eventually found that you have been digging yourself into your own breach....Called Death!

In 2 Kings 12 :5-8. it talks about how the preiests never repaired the breaches. The outcome of this was they could not receive any of the silver or merchandise that had been collected at the door.

When you do not repair the breaches you will no longer receive what the Lord has in store for you.


Sinning and letting it pass through, and forgetting about it

Perversness- Proverbs 15:4

Living the WORLD


Take the hammer and nails away from Satan and repair the planks with the HAMMER OF HARMONY AND THE NAILS OF NEGLECT.

It’s time to fill the gap

Some people are holding back. They don’t want to get dirt under their nails. They aren’t reaching out and getting the full effect. They are getting only half of what is capable. Reach out and get the full quantity...Now is the time to step up, GET YOUR HAMMER AND NAILS, IT’S TIME TO REPAIR...

It’s time to fill the breaches full of God’s holy spirit.

Don’t let the devil come into your life and ruin it.

Now is the time to take the real action, fill the breach with the Lord!

When people have the holes in their lives, and they know it, that’s the most pathetic thing. These are definately people that don’t seem to care about their lives.

You can tell when the breaches of a Christian start taking over their lives:

Their relationships with start fading

Thier urge to Praise his name starts decreasing

Don’t wait until the breack thas reached it’s finals tage of growth. Fill the holes NOW!, before the holmes get any larger.

There are some of you that have a breach or breaches in your heart, and you need to fill that hole with Jesus.

I believe that someone is sitting back and watching there holes get bigger and bigger.

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