Summary: The message of repentance is missing from preaching today! This message uses the story of Jonah to illustrate repentance.


· “Repentance” = “To change one’s ways because of contrition”

· The Bible is a Book of repentance:

o Used 46 times in the Old Testament

o Used 65 times in the New Testament

· There are three types of repentance in the Bible. All are in the text:

o Repentance of saints—verse 3

o Repentance of sinners—verse 5

o Repentance of the Sovereign—verse 10



A. Jonah had previously been called--1: 1,2

B. He ran from God’s calling—1:3

C. This affected not only Jonah, but those around him—1:4-11

D. Jonah was chastised—1:12-17

E. Jonah REPENTED and was spared—2:1-10

F. This time he obeyed God—3:1-3


A. Jonah preached God’s message, not his own opinion or philosophy.

B. Repentance, although neglected, is the keynote theme of New Testament preaching:

1. John the Baptist: “Repent …”--Matthew 3:2

2. Jesus: “Repent…”--Matthew 4:17

3. Disciples: ..preached that men should repent”--Mark 6:12

4. Peter: “Repent…”--Acts 2:38

5. Jesus: “Repentance and remission should be preached”--Luke 24:47

6. Jesus: Five of seven churches commanded to repent”--Revelation 2, 3

C. The message of repentance is missing from preaching today!

D. Spirit-filled preaching brings repentance


A. The people believed God.

B. They were commended—Matthew 12:41

C. Repentance is one of three essential elements in salvation:

1. Holy-Ghost conviction—John 16:8-11

2. Saving faith--not just believing—Romans 10:9, 10

3. Repentance—not just to be sorry; but to agree with God about your sin


A. He came off his throne and took off his robe = humility

B. He covered himself with sackcloth = sorrow, repentance

C. He sat in ashes = helplessness, despair

D. He took the lead in setting an example

1. If our potentates would repent we would have a better country!

2. If our preachers would repent we would have better churches!

3. If our parents would repent we would have better children!

4. If our people would repent we would have better Christians!


A. The king commanded that the whole city fast and pray.

B. They all got together and united.

C. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”—Psalm 33:12

D. “If my people…shall humble themselves and pray…” 2 Chronicles 7:14

E. “Where two or three are gathered…I am in the midst…”—Matthew 18:20


A. God did not repent because He was wrong.

B. He repented because of their importunity, tenacity


Jonah learned that it is far easier to obey God the first time. The people of Nineveh learned that God is loving and longsuffering but He is also holy and just and will not allow sin to continue.

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