Summary: There are requirements and responsibilities of being a disciple. It should be evidenced in your life.

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Requirements of being a disciple

Luke 14:25-35


we are looking this morning in the fifth part of the series B.A.S.I.C..

We looked at Jesus, Being Born Again, Holiness, The Church, and this morning, being a disciple.

You have to remember why I felt to start a series, it was because of some of the questions that was asked.

If you really don’t understand Jesus or believe in Him..would God really keep you out of heaven?

I don’t like organized church, can I stay home and just watch t.v. preachers?

Being a disciple.

We touched a little of it concerning the church last week. We may not finish it this morning.

Luke 14:25-35 Read

Those are heavy words of Jesus.

People take that several different ways.

I don’t want to serve a God like that.

It is impossible to serve a God like that.

The new catch phrase of people today- that is mean spirited.


Is Jesus really telling you that you must hate your family? Of course not

That is why it is important to find out the context of when and who , and how it was said.

The word hate comes from a Greek word that means to “Love less”.

What he is saying that we must love Jesus more than our family, we must love our enemies.

We cannot love Jesus less than our family.

What He is telling us

If we have to chose living life our way or the way that he wants us to live, we must chose Him. That we must be willing to surrender our will to His will.

Remember last week:

That a disciple of Christ was a follower of Christ.

As a disciple we are to be the image of Christ.

We should mirror the things that Jesus has taught us.

Let’s look at the first disciples and what Jesus was telling them to do.

A disciple did not only learn from the teacher.

He mirrored them.

He followed them.

He became him as best he could.

They were sold out to the teacher.

Characteristics of the first disciples

1. They decided to follow the teacher

2. Memorized the teachers words

3. Learned the teacher’s way of ministry.

4. Imitated the teachers life and character.

5. Raised up their own disciples.

That is why Jesus said Matthew 28:20 “Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you”

Did you know that John the Baptist had his own disciples? His own followers.

Only two of them immediately left Jesus after hearing Him. The Bible says that later more followed.

Being a disciple was a commitment to your teacher.

The Zealots wanted to follow Jesus, not for sharpening the skills of studying the law, but sharpening the sword to attack the government.

Once they learned what Jesus was teaching, they no longer desired to be committed to such a cause.

Here is one thing that we can say and agree about first century disciples.

They were committed.

They understood the responsibilities of being a follower.

They accepted the role of being a follower.

After we understand the first disciples, we can go back to the text and see what Jesus was telling them. (Us)

(V25)- He tells us that Jesus has to be first in our lives.

There has to be a committed relationship.

That we have to follow Him, or we are not His disciples.

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