Summary: The Messengers & ❶. Where They Went ❷·. Why They Went ❸. What They Went to Do

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In one of Charlie Chaplin’s great silent films, he plays a prisoner being transported to jail, but his boat has been shipwrecked. We pick up Chaplin is sitting on a beach looking at the clasp around his leg attaching him to a ball and chain. The whole film shows him relating to this ball and chain and attempting to escape its weight.



When its guard is down, I will dash away. So he makes little jokes to accomplish this purpose. He walks the length of the chain and falls into the sand.


Scratching his head, wondering what to do next, he decides that he can outsmart it. He gets up and tries to walk away -- and again falls into the sand.


Now, he becomes more thoughtful. His next strategy is one of reason. I know. I will talk to it! I will reason with it! But down he goes again into the sand.


Now at the end of his patience, he pretends the ball and chain are not there. He kicks sand over it, and for a while it looks as if his problem has vanished. Thinking he has solved his dilemma, he strides to the end of the chain. Down he goes.


At this point, the insight finally dawns. Like a light turning on in Chaplin’s head, he realizes that he cannot solve the problem alone. If he is going to be helped, it has to come from the outside. In the last scene, he is seen looking upward in hope of a rescue.

- Sin like yeast a pinch effect the loaf

A spot of cancer persistent grows until it brings on death

- Notice the progression of Lot into Sodom & Gomorrah

- 13: 5-6 - Started well

- 20-25 years can change a man (12:4 & 21:5

- Lot lost what he was looking for

- Cities a place of Influence

Popularity (variety, & attraction

Power (Proud, self absorbed. Independent

- With it’s walls & watchtowers

1. Lot lingers on Sodom -(13:10)

2. Lot lured toward Sodom by pitching his tent near it (13:12)

3. Lot lives in Sodom (14:12)

4. Lot labors for Sodom (19:1)

5. Lot lost Sodom - goods & family19:24, 26, 30-36 Lk17:28-32

- 19:1 - Angels in Sodom! - What a contrast

- The brightest & holiest oF servants in the darkest and wickedest cities

❶. Where They Went

v. 1 - To Sodom

- Not pleasant or cushy

- Tough & dangerous

- Willing to be inconvenienced

❷·. Why They Went

- 19:13 - Lord had sent them

- Not because of their intent or interest

- The work is not ours but God’s

- In our strength we get discouraged and frustrated

❸¸. What They Went to Do

- 19:12-14 Give a message

- Danger ahead but there is a way out

- v. 17 Escape is capitalized

- Impacted Lot for him to share the message

- Ended with only 3 being saved

Two Lessons

1. Be obedient to Escape Judgment

2. Be Faithful in giving the message - No matter the few results

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