Summary: What should I do knowing people are in spiritual trouble?

Rescue Those in Spiritual Danger

James 5:19-20

PROPOSITION: Because Christ went to the aid of those dying in their sin, you must go to the aid of those dying in sin.

I. Be concerned for those in great danger. v. 19a

A. Some in your midst are lost.

1. James is calling on all believers to be involved.

2. James is concerned for those who went astray.

B. Some in your midst need help.

1. Their errant theology has led them astray.

2. Their errant lifestyle has revealed their condition.

II. Be active in the rescue operation. v. 19b

A. It requires having a plan.

1. Most people sit back and do nothing.

2. God’s people must sit up and take action.

B. It requires actively executing the plan.

1. Christianity is pursuing people.

2. Christianity is loving people.

III. Be encouraged by the results of your involvement. v. 20

A. You will have saved a soul from death.

1. People are turned to Christ.

2. People are rescued from death.

B. You will have covered a multitude of sins.

1. It involves victory over a grievous condition.

2. It involves a Savior’s forgiveness!

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