Summary: Review, summarize, & organize the truths God has revealed to us by sharing the 5 unfailing resources that guarantee spiritual victory.


A Review, summarize, & organize the truths God has revealed to us by sharing the 5 unfailing resources that guarantee spiritual victory.

1 Resource One–Stand in Authority.

a Stand in your position in Christ.

aa Eph. 2.6, You have been raised w/ & seated w/ Christ in the heavenlies.

bb Eph. 1.20-21; Powers & principalities are under our feet when we assume our position in Christ.

b Our authority in Him is by virtue of our union with Him.

aa Death, Buriel, Resurrection, Power of Holy Spirit.

bb We must stop being afraid to confidently command the enemy to leave our presence and stop interfering with our lives.

2 Resource Two – Word of God.

a In the NT, there are two greek words for “WORD”; logos (the word in all its meaning & understanding) & Rhema (“the word spoken & applied”).

aa Eph. 6.17, “Rhema”, which means the word spoken, applied, unleashed, released.

bb Satan/demons/dark forces will flee before the believer armed with the spoken word of God.

b Matt. 4.1-11; Jesus drove the enemy away this way.

3 Resource Three – Prayer & Fasting (Tag team!)

a Eph. 6.18, the armored Christian is to charge the armor by praying!

aa Extreme cases prayer should be accompanied by fasting (Matt. 9.14-29)

bb Jesus disciples couldn’t deliver a young boy. . . why? Fasting!

b Fasting must be added to prayer for Christians who are engaged in Spiritual Warfare.

aa Isaiah 58.6-12, defines fasting as giving up one’s own possessions in order to help the needy.

bb Fasting is one of God’s chosen ways to defeat the enemy & they are effective together!

4 Resource Four – Praise & Worship

a In the OT, Worship was used as a weapon. (2 Chron. 20, records the story of Jehoshaphat battling the Ammonites & Moabites.).

aa 2 Chron. 20.6-12, The leader offers fervent prayer to God, total reliance on God, & confesses his eyes are on the Lord.

bb 2 Chronicles 20.13-17, We read that after prayer the prophetic word is declared by Jahaziel; He cries out against fear & encounters faith. The word is released in power. (Spirit filled man/woman proclaiming the word you are going to see things moving in the spiritual realm.)

cc Praise & Worship go out! 2 Chron. 20.18-22, Jehoshaphat dispatched choirs to sing (v.19). As they praise “the beauty of holiness” (v.21), the invisible hosts of God moved into battle formation. (v. 22).

b Ps. 149.6, “Praise is a strong weapon to use against the enemy.”

5 Resource Five – Presence and virtues of Christ (Jesus promises you victory)

a You have the blood of Jesus for your sins. (1 John 1.7)

aa Satan and his demons can only penetrate where unconfessed sin gives them a place: the blood is the sure weapon!

bb Rev. 12.11

b You have the cross to take care of your flesh. (Gal. 5.234)

aa You are out of the sin-enjoying business!

bb Gal. 2.20.

cc Christ indwells you and operates through the believer who lives by faith.

c You have the name of Jesus for defeating the enemy.

aa Acts 16.18; Paul casts demons out of girl commanding in the spirit “in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.”

bb In the Bible, names mean something. (Character, authority of a person)

cc “Jesus’” name isn’t magical but the recognition of his presence/power in every situation.

dd Phil. 2.10; Demons must bow to the name of Jesus Christ.

c Faith in Jesus is our protection. (Eph. 6.16, KJV)

aa Christians must believe God in the face of the enemy’s accusations, in the crisis of circumstances, and in the storms of difficulties.

bb Faith believes God when something is not so until it is so because God said so.

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