Summary: Because God said and took action for us to experience, we are to treasure, ponder, and tell others what God has done and said, and always think highly of God and sing praises to honor Him!

We continue our study of the Gospel of Luke. Please open your Bibles to Chapter 2 of Luke. Last week we noted that through the birth of Jesus Christ:

God’s plan happens at the right time and place!

God shares His plans!

God will use circumstances for His divine and glorious plan!

God will do the miraculous but will involve people!

God will call you and me to be involved in the miraculous and glorious!

How are we responding?

In our passage today, we will note how shepherds responded to this God!

Read along with me Luke 2: 4-20………..

The Messiah Savior who brings peace to men was born in Bethlehem! And who were the first God told about this news of eternal hope??

God told the shepherds first about the birth of the Savior! Why shepherds? Why didn’t God choose priests or teachers of the Law or government leaders or lawyers and car salesmen? I think there is a biblical principle here; God chose to tell the shepherds first about the birth of the Savior to the world for a reason. The shepherds were the first to be given the good news from God.

Why the shepherds?

First of all, what can we tell about those shepherds based on verse 8?


- living out in the fields which indicates… ???

They lived simple lives!

How about our lives today? For many Christians today, they make their lives too busy and complicated that God doesn’t even show up in their calendars! We must be careful, especially today with all our electronic gadgets and available activities; be careful of being so busy, including our work, that we neglect God, the Creator of the Universe who desires to walk with us daily!

What do you think theshepherds talked about as they sat by the fire watching the bright stars at night? Do you think they appreciated Creation? Do you think they talked about their families?

- and they were doing their job…. What can we say about men who kept watch of their flock at night??

(brave, protective, observant, caring, guide, patient…)

And so, there were many reasons why God chose first the shepherds the honor of knowing about the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ. But wouldn’t you agree with me that there were 3 main characteristics why God chose the Shepherds? The shepherds were humble, caring people and confident about life!

And based on v9-12, what did God do for the shepherds?

- an angel appeared to them

- the glory of the Lord shone around them

How majestic was that scene? Did it impact the brave shepherds? The glory of the Lord was so fantastic that it terrified the shepherds! But then what did God do?

- God comforted them (“do not be afraid!”)

But the most fantastic thing God did was what?

- God gave the shepherds the greatest news of all time! The news that the whole country of Israel was waiting for over 400 years was given to simple shepherds!

The news that the whole world needed was given to simple shepherds!

Do you think your life is just plain and ordinary and nothing grand can happen? Remember these simple ordinary shepherds who were chosen by God to first witness the glorious and miraculous!

- and in v12 we note that God gave the shepherds a sign!

Now, were the shepherds given any instructions to do something??

Isn’t interesting? The shepherds were not told to do anything! But as we will note, the shepherds did do something. Why? Before we answer that, let us note what happened in v13 and what was said in v14. Jesus Christ was born and what happened in heaven? V13…..

Let us note that heaven is where God is and to where God calls people to be. Do you think heaven will be boring? We see a glimpse of heaven here with a great company of heavenly host appeared with the angel. A heavenly host is an army of angels! What we note is a multitude of angel armies celebrated in heaven when Jesus was born! In heaven you don’t have to worry about your voice or my singing, there will be armies of angels singing and worshiping God with us. Do you get excited about going to musical concerts? In heaven there will be perfect live musical concerts which can last forever without electrical amplification! Do you have your ticket to this eternal concert for sure? If you’re not sure, please come and talk to me!

And according to v14, what did the birth of Christ bring??

Jesus brings glory to God!

Jesus gives peace and goodwill to men!

Now, after hearing and experiencing all those things from God, what did the shepherds do?

First of all, what would you say is significant about v15 regarding the shepherds??

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