Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: What great things has God done and is doing for us and how are we responding to this Holy God?

Last week, through the story of a Jewish Priest named Zechariah, we noted that In spite of what we think, nothing happens by chance in the hands of the Almighty God. Today in our passage we will note another truth which supports that God is Almighty: Nothing is impossible with God!

Maybe you don’t believe this; then you will have a hard time pleasing God and bringing blessings to your life!

Maybe you say you believe this, but you are having a hard time to put it in practice; so what should you do? Can we question God?

Open your Bibles to the Gospel of Luke Chapter 1. Before reading, let us pray our commitment to God’s Word….

Luke 1:18-45…..

If you’re going to pick a god, pick a good one!

The God of the Bible is Perfect! Nothing is impossible with God and the God of the Bible is Holy! God can and will do whatever He pleases and it is always right! Have you picked this God? Do you believe this God of the Bible?

Now, does believing in God mean you can not question God?

The priest Zechariah in v18 questioned God. In v34, Mary questioned God as well. But as we noted last week, Zechariah was judged by God but here in v35-37, Mary was blessed with a promise and a wonderful truth!

What’s the difference?

We know that Zechariah questioned God with an unbelieving attitude and he was rebuked. Since we do not read a rebuke to Mary of her questioning, what do you think was Mary’s attitude with her question to God??

We note in v38 that Mary had a humble and a servant’s heart! Zechariah’s attitude was “God, you can’t do what you are saying!” Mary’s attitude was “God, I know you can do it, but how will you do it?”

God knows people’s attitude towards Him!

Lives with God start in people’s hearts!

How is your heart for God? Is it always open for Jesus Christ? Is your heart like this (show picture 1), “I” sits on the throne? Or is your heart like this one (show picture 2), in which Jesus is at the helm? Since God always looks at our hearts,

make a commitment to check your heart often!

Now again, in spite of what we think, nothing happens by chance and God is always at work!

What did God do for Elizabeth?

v24-25: After many years of being barren and disgraced by people, God showed favor on Elizabeth by allowing her to be pregnant and helped her deal with harsh people.

v41: God filled Elizabeth with the Holy Spirit!

v43: God helped her know who her Lord and Savior is!

God was at work in Elizabeth’s life!

What did Elizabeth do in response?

v25: She agreed with the work of God.

v42: She praised Mary and Jesus Christ!

Mary was an instrument of God. All Christians today are instruments of God!

God is always at work and deserves the proper response!

What did God do for Mary?

v31-32: She was the mother of the Savior to the world, Jesus Christ!

v35: She was be filled with the Holy Spirit and overshadowed by the power of God!

God was at work in Mary’s life!

What did Mary do in response?

v38 & 45: She believed God and yielded her life to serve God!

v46-55: She praised God! We’ll look into this in more detail next week.

Nothing is impossible with God!

What has God done for you and me through Jesus Christ??

Ephesians 2:5-6, God made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions-it is by grace you have been saved. And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus,

God is at work in our lives!

How should we respond to what God has done for us?

Review how Elizabeth and Mary responded to God.

How are we doing in comparison?

Make a commitment to daily note what great things God has done and is doing in your life and respond accordingly!

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Samuel Sarpong

commented on Jun 16, 2014

Blessed Blessed Blessed...Great is our God for creating Men of GOD like you.....more work to be done in the vineyard..More blessings to flow for you.Keep up the good work and i am beliving God for an upliftment in your life

Paul Clemente

commented on Sep 30, 2015

hey samuel, thank you for commenting; i am so sorry that i am just seeing this comment now :) where are you located? you can email me at anbcptl@outlook.com if u want to connect! i appreciate your prayers for the ministry here in wisconsin; i will pray for you right now for God's empowering and leading in your life! may His Kingdom come through you!

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