Summary: How will you respond to the news about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ?

We have been studying the Gospel of Luke.

Luke was a witness to the events that happened with Jesus and His disciples. Last Sunday, we studied the beginning of Luke Chapter 21. In celebration of our Lord rising from the dead, we will look at Luke 24 this morning. Please open your Bibles there….

Last year we focused on v5-6: The question for us then was “Who truly is my god and is he alive or dead?” Of course you know my saying, “If you’re going to pick a god, pick a ….” Pick a God who is alive! Jesus Christ is the only God who is alive! Have you chosen Him? If not, right now is a good day to do it!!

Now that you’ve heard about this Jesus Christ who rose from the dead, how will you respond? We will learn today from two guys who were not so sure how they were going to respond to this news about this Jesus rising from the dead.

Read along with me Luke 24:13-35…….

First question: What did the two knew about Jesus??

The two disciples knew everything about Jesus!

Second question: The two knew all about Jesus but what was their mood??

The two knew all about Jesus Christ but they were depressed (v17)!

What did Jesus say about their depression? Look again at v25…..

They were depressed because they were slow to believe (v36). What did that mean? They knew everything about Jesus Christ but yet not truly believe. There is a saying about people who knows things but have not decided; they were sitting on the fence! Jesus was telling them to decide already! And we can also note that there is a difference between knowledge and faith.

Knowledge is what you know. Faith is taking action in what you know. And God calls people to live by faith; not by knowledge, not by emotions, but by faith! The two on the road to Emmaus initially lived by knowledge and emotions, not faith.

Now faith comes by hearing the word of God. How did the two hear the word of God?

Jesus spoke directly to the two to build their faith! Did they listen? How can we tell that they listened??

The two listened to Jesus because they urged Him to stay with them (v29) and their hearts were burning (v32)! You and I have had that feeling deep inside when we hear something remarkable! Like for many of you ladies who heard that first great news “You’re having a baby!!” – you got that burning feeling of joy deep down inside you. We guys also get that burning sensation when someone tells us “You’re having a baby!!”

We read that the two guys had this deep feeling of emotions when they were listening to Jesus because they were hearing something remarkable, miraculous! And what happened when the two finally decided to believe all the truths about Jesus including the resurrection? Read again with me v33-35….

Faith produces praise and public proclamation of truths!

How about us? Are our lives full of praise and proclamation of truths?

How can it happen? Let us close by noting 4 things:

Know Jesus. – Read the bible daily!

Hunger for Jesus. – Constantly ask Him to stay in your life!

Listen to Jesus till your heart burns with love! – Pray and meditate on Jesus!

Confirm everything with Jesus!

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