Summary: In this present pandemic crisis, many are pondering on these questions. I prayed to God for healing, restoration, for growth... but my prayers were not answered at least not as expected. Does God decide not to hear my prayers? Is he despising me?

Beloved in Christ,

God has given us the authority (John1:12) to become his child, whereby, to exercise the authority: to pray and to live in the fulfillment of his plan. A child of God releases healing and other deliverances from his life by the authority given by God.

That same God exercises his authority according to his plan. The part in which we all tend to overreact. In Deut 3:25-27, God told Moses never to bring the request to enter into the promised land in his presence. And Moses surrendered himself to God's authority. In the same way, apostle Paul, prayed three times to remove the thorn in his flesh, not exactly known what is the problem, as different scholars give different explanations. but God answered him, "My grace is sufficient for you" (2 Cori 12:8-9) and not anything more.

Moses after leading the people of God for 40yrs in the wilderness his desire to enter the promised land was rejected. He was heartbroken and disappointed. But still, he yielded himself to the will of God. (Deuteronomy 3:25-27)

Apostle Paul is the father of gentile mission, still, God told him to surrender to his authority for the glory of God. Paul accepted God's offer. Both these men of God have set a precedent for us all to follow God even in times where our desires through prayers are not fulfilled. May God strengthen you as you tread the path of loneliness and surrender.

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