Summary: responding to the move of God’s Spirit in our lives

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Intro: one of the symbols of the Holy Spirit in scripture is the dove. The dove is a symbol of gentleness, which means the Holy Spirit doesn’t force His way into our lives, but we must respond to the moving of the Spirit. Tonight, I would like to give you some of the responses found in the Word of God.

Responses to the Spirit of God

Psalms 51:10-12

What made David the great King of Israel was his sensitivity to the Spirit of God. David wanted a clean heart, a clear conscience and God’s Spirit working in his life. He clearly states, take not thy Holy Spirit from me. Take away my crown, take away my throne, but never take Your presence from my life. We must respond in this same way, the Spirit of God in our lives must be priority one.

Here are some ways people respond to the Holy Spirit.

I. Ignorance—Acts 19:2---we haven’t even heard there is a Holy Spirit. In our society today, this is a common response. Many people don’t even sense their need of the Spirit of God working in their lives.

Ill) years ago I invited a friend to a youth coffee house service, and I told him that the Spirit of God was moving during the worship times. He asked me, will I catch it? Many people, like these in Acts, have no understanding to the working of the Spirit of God.

a. many people don’t realize the Person of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God, and He dwells in us. What an awesome thought that God lives within us, know ye not that ye are temples of the Holy Spirit—I Corinthians 6:19

b. many people don’t realize the power of the Holy Spirit—

ill) the first church I pastured was in Warrior Alabama. We had a man named Charley Sawyer who told me an amazing story about his father. During the depression, if you missed a day of work at the mines you could be replaced by someone on a waiting list. So people just didn’t call in sick. He said, his dad was full of the Spirit of God and power. On Sunday night people from all over the county would stop by their house and his dad would pray for them. He relayed how there would be lines of people at their house and every one of them would be healed and make it to work the next day.

II. Quenching the Spirit—I Thessalonians 5:19—quench not the Spirit.

a. pouring water on the fire-many times people will sense the Spirit of God moving in their lives but will quench the Spirit. They will shut out the touch of God.

b. Won’t allow the Spirit to remove things—stitches—people quench the Spirit because they feel it would be too painful to allow the Spirit into certain areas of their heart.

III. Grieving the Spirit—Ephesians 4:30—the Holy Spirit is very sensitive and when we do anything that displeases God, the Spirit of God within us is grieved.

Ill) years ago Charles Finney did a crusade and there were no good results the first night. He went into town to see posters that proclaimed him to be the greatest preacher in the world. He tore down all the posters and the next night revival took place. When the Spirit is grieved He will take flight.

a. anything contrary to God’s Word will grieve the Spirit.

b. Chokers- anger, bitterness, lust, jealousy, strife—

Ill) our neighborhood has a problem, small drainage system. When

We get a lot of rain, every yard is flooded. We learn this lesson, if

You want the river to flow in your life, you have to yield fully to

God, you must get rid of anything that clogs the system.

IV. Yielding to God -Romans 6:13—yield yourself to God

Submission, being led by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14) is another response to the Spirit.

a. God isn’t looking for golden vessels, or silver vessels, but yielded vessels.

b. To whom ye yield the most, they will become your master.

Ill) man with two identical German Shepherds was asked which one would win in a fight, he said, the one I feed the most.

V. Saturated—Ephesians 5:18—be filled with the Spirit

This is a great response to the Spirit, allowing the Spirit to fill our lives to over-flowing.

a. here the Greek means—being continually filled—Smith Wigglesworth would say, any day you don’t go forward with God is a day you go backwards.

b. Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water—Kathryn Kullman crusade—a bus driver from Toronto refused to go into the building, but as the Spirit moved, he was instantly healed of a curved spine sitting in the bus.

c. I like the thought of being totally full or drenched from head to

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