Summary: This is an Advent sermon.

Intro: Who was responsible? Brian Wells 46 year-old pizza man. Robbed a bank in Erie, Pa on August 28. Who was responsible? He was. Forced into it, or duped.

Read Luke 3:7-18.

We are responsible for our own spiritual condition. Our parents’ or grandparents’ faith doesn’t help or hurt us. John 8:33.

John tells us three very practical expressions of our faith. He was addressing people new to the faith.

I. We are to share our resources with others.

It’s our responsibility, not government, to help others. Social change begins with the individual. William Wilberforce. Served in the English Parliament from 1780-1825. In 1788, he sought to abolish slave trade. Defeated. 18 years later he was vindicated. Slavery was abolished in British territories a year after his death.

One person can make a big difference.

II. We are to share Jesus in our daily lives.

John instructs tax collectors to stay on the job. Hatred. Soldiers.

We are not to quit our jobs. We are to share Jesus wherever we are. No monasteries.

III. We are to point others toward God.

John was more popular than Jesus at this time. He pointed people to Jesus.

We should also point people to Jesus. We don’t seek the limelight. We save that for the King.


We are responsible for our own spiritual condition.

Has anyone ever mistaken you for Jesus?

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