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Summary: 11 amazing things Jesus did. Preach your own message from this proven outline!


Jesus’ Life and Mission

Pastor Eric J. Hanson

March 23, 2008

Mention the Kerygma (The Heart of the Matter)

333 OT prophecies/ 456 details. Not vague-very detailed

Today we start with Psalm 22: the ultimate Messianic Psalm.

1. He was prophecied by many prophets over many centuries.

2. He was virgin born.

3. He lived sinless and fulfilled the law of God.

4. He taught God’s truth

5. He performed messianic miracles.

6. He prophecied his own manner of death, and his resurrection.

7. He died on Friday for the sins of the World. Amazing things happened during this time (Thallus in AD 52 wrote…)

8. He rose on Sunday, very early before it was light.

9. He was seen by the disciples and the women, and up to 500 people at once, over a period of 40 days.

10. He ascended and was received by the cloud. The angels told the disciples to get going, wait for the promise of the Father, than preach everywhere.

11. He will come again, and will judge all who have lived.

Give invitation.

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