Summary: I believe that "Resurrection Sunday" must not be just a one day event, then tomorrow its gone. I believe it must impact our life on a daily basis.

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TEXT: Matthew 28: 1-10


One Sunday morning, during the Bolshevik Revolution (Russian Revolution), the Red Guards rounded up all the people of a small village into the town chapel. After a very lengthy lecture about "Communism" the Captain summoned the town pastor to the front and said, "I’m giving you only three minutes to respond."

The pastor replied, "I don’t need three minutes, I just need three seconds." With a joyful face the pastor uttered the words, HE IS RISEN!" In one thundering voice the village people responded, "HE IS RISEN INDEED!"

(Exclaim HE IS RISEN! Let the congregation respond)

I believe that "RESURRECTION SUNDAY" must not just be a one event, then tomorrow its gone. I believe it must impact our life ona a daily basis.

I would like us all to remember "Resurrection Sunday 2004" because today we’re going to learn one important Christian value that will make a different in our daily life.


The attitude-changing lesson Jesus wants us to learn is found in verses 8 and 9. (Just read the verses)Did you take notice of these two women’s reaction to the Angel’s news?

It’s good THE NATIONAL INQUIRER wasn’t there yet, otherwise the report would have been, "TWO WOMEN HELPED MEL GIBSON RESURRECT CHRIST." Well, we all know that Media a lot of times tends to sensationalized news just to get the rating.

According to our scripture, the women were fearful but overjoyed by the news of Christ’s resurrection.

Now, let’s go to verse 9. What is the very first word Jesus uttered to them? The word is REJOICE! I believe an attitude-changing lesson Jesus wants us to learn right after He resurrected is: TO HAVE A JOYFUL ATTITUDE IN OUR DAILY LIFE.

Our time is too limited to enumerate all the reasons but let me give you two major reasons:


Yes, He died but He rose again. Let’s listen to what the Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15: 17--19, (just read them).

The word "only" in verse 19 must be taken with the entire clause, which gives us an idea that, *"If our hope in Christ does not take us beyond this present life, then we are of all men the most miserable."

(*The Parable Bible Commentary, Nelson)

The argument that is running through the entire paragraph of this passage of scripture is that, as believers, we place our hope in Jesus Christ, who claimed that He is the "resurrection and the life," and then, Paul is saying, if there is no resurrection, then our hope in Christ is useless, its so much better to have no hope at all. Did you get the point?

Illustration: A Moslem said to a Christian, "We Moslems have one thing you Christians do not have. When go to Medina (Saudi Arabia), we find a coffin and know that Mohammed lived there because his body is in it. But when you Christians go to Jerusalem, you find nothing but an empty tomb."

"Thank you!" exclaimed the Christian. "What you say is absolutely true, and that makes the eternal difference. The reason we find an empty tomb is because we serve a RISEN CHRIST."

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