Summary: Let us know and live our daily lives with the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Please open your Bibles to the Gospel of Luke Chap. 24….

Read along with me verses 1-12….

The main verse of the passage is of course in v5-6,

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?

He is not here; He has risen!

If there’s one thing to remember from this message, it is to remember these 2 questions and answer them:

Who is my god? (i.e. who do I worship and spend most time with?)

Is my god alive and eternal?

Jesus Christ is God, became a human being and was humiliated, suffered, crucified, died and buried for the sake of every person in the world! Jesus Christ who is God took all the pain and even death for people deserving all the pain and death because they sinned against God. And who has sinned against God? Every person who has ever disobeyed God has sinned against God and deserves eternal judgment of pain, suffering, and death.

God is a Perfect, Holy God; so, anyone who has thought, spoke, or did anything imperfect or unholy has sinned against God. Do you know anyone who has never thought, spoken, or did anything imperfect or unholy? Every person, including you and me have sinned against God! Before believing in Jesus rising from the dead, we must first believe that He died for a reason!

Jesus Christ suffered and died for you and me to pay for our sins! Do you truly believe this?

But to prove that Jesus Christ is God and is the only One who can save people from their sins against God, Jesus Christ rose from the dead. The large stone blocking the grave was rolled away. The Roman Soldiers guarding the tomb fell dead!

Angels declared that Jesus Christ rose from the dead! The Tomb was empty! The women actually saw Jesus on their way to tell the Disciples the Good News.

As 2 disciples were on the road to Emmaus talking about Jesus’ death and burial, Jesus appeared to them! All the 11Disciples saw and touched Jesus’ resurrected body! Over 500 other people witnessed the risen Christ!

No one can disprove that Jesus Christ rose from the dead because, it happened!

Do you have friends who do not believe in Jesus Christ? Ask them to disprove the resurrection! Do you have friends who believe in other gods? Ask them if their god actually died for them and rose from the dead for them! Only Jesus Christ is God who died and rose again!

What else can we note from this passage from Luke?

Let’s look at v5-6 again, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; He has risen!” Let’s ask this question to ourselves: Do we live our lives as if Jesus is still dead? Jesus is alive and well and will return soon for us! Let us all live our lives today with Jesus eagerly alive with us and eagerly waits to return to earth for us!

And what can we learn from the women disciples? Those women disciples of Christ loved Jesus very much! How do we know those women disciples loved Jesus??

Look back with me to Luke 23:55

The women disciples:

- Followed Jesus

- made sure they knew where Jesus’ body was buried

- prepared spices and perfumes for taking care of Jesus’ dead body

- obeyed the Law of the Sabbath

- went to Jesus knowing His body has been dead for 3 days!!

- were not afraid to go inside the tomb

- remembered what Jesus said about the resurrection

- excitedly told the resurrection news to others

Let us love Jesus like those first women disciples did!

Now look again at v11…..

Let us not be like those disciples who did not believe the Word of God even if it is told by others!

And in closing, let us follow our hero the Disciple Peter, who heard the news, got up and ran to the tomb to witness and experience the power of resurrection!

Let us know and live our daily lives with the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ!

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