3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: What do you really know about Easter?

1. As Jesus rode into Jerusalem (on Palm Sunday), what did He say would cry out if His disciples didn’t?

A. the stones B. the angels

C. the earth D. the animals

2. What was the man carrying whom Peter and John followed to prepare the upper room for Passover?

A. a bushel of wheat B. a young lamb

C. a pitcher of water D. a loaf of bread

3. What did Jesus give to Judas as a sign that he was to betray Him?

A. Glass of wine B. Bread

C. Kiss D. Bag of coins

4. Which of these things did NOT happen at the Lord’s Supper?

A. The disciples sang a hymn B. Jesus washed the disciples’ feet

C. Judas left to betray Jesus D. Jesus preached a sermon

5. What was the sign that Jesus gave Peter in stating that he would deny Him?

A. the sun would rise

B. a rooster would crow three times

C. someone would build a fire

D. darkness would cover the land

6. Where was Jesus when He was arrested?

A. The temple B. A garden

C. The upper room D. A courtyard

7. At Jesus’ arrest, who cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant?

A. John B. James

C. Peter D. Bible doesn’t say

8. Who was the chief priest who had Jesus arrested?

A. Caiaphas B. Ananias

C. Pilate D. Zechariah

9. Which of these people did NOT question Jesus after He was arrested?

A. Caiaphas B. Pontius Pilate

C. Herod D. Caesar

10. On what charge did the Jewish court sentence Jesus to death?

A. Murder B. Blasphemy

C. False witness D. Healing on the Sabbath

11. What was the name of the prisoner the people wanted released instead of Jesus?

A. Barnabas B. Haman

C. Barabbas D. Ben Hur

12. Who was told to carry Jesus’ cross for Him?

A. Joseph of Arimathea B. A black man

C. Simon the Cyrenian D. Peter

13. Where was Jesus crucified?

A. The Mount of Olives B. Golgotha

C. Jerusalem D. Calvary

14. Which of these things did NOT happen when Jesus died?

A. the veil of the temple was torn in two B. an earthquake

C. many saints were raised from the dead D. the moon turned blood red

15. What happened when a soldier pierced Jesus’ crucified body?

A. blood flowed out B. water flowed out

C. blood and water flowed out D. He died

16. Who owned the tomb where Jesus was buried?

A. Joseph of Arimathea B. Simon the Cyrenian

C. Nicodemus D. Mary Magdalene

17. What were the soldiers told to say regarding the missing body of Jesus?

A. His body fell into a crevice created by the earthquake

B. His mother moved the body to a different tomb

C. His disciples stole the body at night

D. He wasn’t really dead - just unconscious

18. On what day of the week was Jesus first seen after His resurrection?

A. Friday B. Saturday

C. Sunday D. Monday

19. To whom did Jesus first appear after His resurrection?

A. A woman who had been demon possessed B. His mother Mary

C. Peter D. John

20. Which disciple said he would not believe Jesus had risen unless he could see the nail marks in his hands?

A. Andrew B. James

C. Peter D. Thomas

21. What day of the week was Jesus crucified?

A. Good Friday B. Wednesday

C. Thursday D. Saturday

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