Summary: Reasons why I believe in the resurrection of Christ.

Resurrection Fact or Fiction?

1. The Trial- The great Sanhedrin whose duty it was to uphold the law and to preserve life, why all the errors when it came to the trial of Christ?

2. The - The Roman soldiers were famous for their methods of crucifixion having preformed this procedure countless times before they were experts. The ceturion even gave testimony to Pilate that Jesus was dead.

3. The Tomb- What would be the chances that you would not remember where you buried you’re loved one? This was a tomb that had never been used before owned by Joseph of Arimathia. History records the accounts of Jesus trial and crucifixion. Why is there no trial for the Roman soldiers who supposedly fell asleep an offence punishable by death?

4. The Triumph- When all evidence is considered the facts will show that Jesus is victorius over death.The fulfilled prophesies of God’s word also validate the resurrection.

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