Summary: A confused and fearful group of disciples needed more than anything a word of confidence from someone who could give them back the security that had been taken from them at the cross.


John 20:19-22

It was resurrection evening: the disciples were unorganized (Judas was dead; Thomas was gone; Peter was humiliated; and all were distraught).

They were hiding in fear, doors were shut and locked, and there was no leadership or boldness among them. (Christ was absent)

They needed a word. They needed to hear something that would shore up a crumbling confidence. (At the perfect time, Jesus showed up and spoke)

I. A Word of COMFORT v.19

A. Unusual words - peace in the middle of this chaos?

B. Understandable words – they had known peace with Jesus.

C. Undeniable words – Each time Jesus spoke these words, chaos ceased.

II. A Word of PROOF (He shewed unto them his hands and side) v.20

A. Unusual entry – “through the door,” not “by way of” the door.

B. Unusual credentials – “battle scars” – (the nail and spear markings)

C. Joyous affirmation – “then were the disciples glad”

III. A Word of INSTRUCTION “even so I send you” v. 21

A. Jesus had sent them out before (2 by 2 with no extra money or clothes).

B. He was sending them again – take everything you need (even a sword)

C. The rise or fall of Christianity would be in the hands of the disciples.

IV. A Word of CONFIDENCE – “receive ye the Holy Ghost” v. 22

A. Jesus did not forsake them – he arose and returned.

B. He had trained them well – “you will do greater things than I have done”

C. He empowered them with the Holy Spirit – (“he breathed on them”)

D. God’s will, Jesus’ training, Holy Ghost power, and their determination equipped them to propagate the world with His gospel and to lay down their lives for a truth that would last an eternity.

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