Summary: How did Jesus build the disciples faith through the cross and resurrection?

Our God who brought Jesus Christ back to life is worthy of our worship; but, we will not worship God properly if we do not listen to His Words preserved for us in the Bible. To begin with, please open your Bibles to Acts 2…. Read along with me the proclamation of Jesus Christ starting with v21…. v39.

We have been noting from the Gospel of Mark that the first Disciples of Jesus Christ were learning faith in God as they experienced the prophecies about the Messiah. The Apostle Peter, as we had just read, certainly grew his faith in Jesus Christ and God’s Words. What about us today? Before answering that question, let us read the story of the Resurrection in Mark 16…. Read along with me….

And so, we can note that the first Disciples faith in Jesus Christ had to be built up with God’s Word and God’s relationship with them.

We have noted that when Jesus was taken and crucified, the 12 Disciples scattered and Peter himself denied he knew Jesus not just once but 3 times.

We note in Mark 16 that the ladies, even though they certainly believed and loved Jesus still lacked faith; they were ready to embalm the dead Jesus and it dawned on them that what they were going to do was an impossibility because there was a large stone sealing Christ’s grave! They asked “How are we going to get to Jesus when that large stone is in the way?”

And the disciples kept unbelieving until Jesus personally appeared to them. We read over and over again, “but yet they did not believe….!”

But we need to note that Jesus understood their doubts but never gave up on them and we note in Mark 16:20….

The first Disciples faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord became so strong that they testified to other people about Jesus!

What does this all mean to us today?

1. Again from Acts 2:21 - And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

The main reason of course for Jesus Christ who is God becoming a man, dying on a cross, being buried, but then rising from the dead is that whoever believes in Him will be saved from the eternal judgment of sin!

God calls everyone to be saved from sin through belief in what Jesus did and who He is. Have you truly believed? Now is the time of salvation if you have never truly believed!

And for those of us who are already Believers of Jesus Christ,

2. Is our faith in Jesus Christ strong enough that we would tell others about Him?

What are the key components to build our faith??

God’s Word and promises!

A Personal Relationship with god through Jesus Christ




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