Summary: Many mainline churches follow Lent prayers, as they were led by the Lord. These forty days prayers are gifts for those who want to grow spiritually.

This is a call to everyone who is searching for God and those who are offended in unexpected ways. In OT people return to God with fasting and weeping, wearing sack clothes and dust on their heads. They do this often as it was required, and some of them took to the streets to show that they were humbled for God. But today, my dear friend, Jesus understands us better. He said, in Matthew 6:16-18, don't disfigure yourself like the hypocrites, but anoint your head, pray to the Father, behind the closed door. The father who sees you secretly will reward you openly.

1. In these Lent Days, whether we have decided to return to the Lord from our past sin, or desire to grow spiritually, do not do it in such a way that it is obvious to men, but only to God (vs 18)

2. Know that the Father in heaven always looking for you with open arms, with compassion. (Luke 15:20)

3. He rewards those who seek him diligently (Mt 6:18, Lk 15:22)

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Kamalanathan Francis

commented on Feb 20, 2021

Please pray for my ministry, and my family

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