Summary: 6 of 6. Luke recorded the public assignment of Messiah’s mission to Jesus. Jesus’ mission is publicized/revealed. But for whom is it publicized/revealed? Jesus’ mission is revealed for the...

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Worse Off?

The Reverend Bill Jones shocked the congregation when he announced his resignation from the church & planned move to Arizona.

After the service a very distraught parishioner came to the pastor with tears in her eyes.

"Oh, Pastor Bill, we are going to miss you so much. We don’t want you to leave!"

The kindhearted pastor patted her hand & said, "Now, now, Liz, don’t carry on so... You’ll like the pastor who takes my place will be even better than me."

Then Liz began sobbing uncontrollably.

After some time Liz was able to contain herself & said, "Yeah", "That’s what Pastor Mike said when he left!"

Liz was revealed her mission of letting the pastor know how she really felt.

Jesus’ mission for the protection/thriving of mankind was openly publicized.


We all are searching for truth. Some knowingly & others appearing oblivious, resigning themselves to believing, ’it’ll all come out in the wash.’

Truth must be available. Where do I go to find it? Will I know when I’ve found it?

Acts 26:26—Paul to Governor Festus, before King Agrippa—““For the king, before whom I also speak freely, knows these things; for I am convinced that none of these things escapes his attention, since this thing was not done in a corner.”

Luke recorded the public assignment of Messiah’s mission to Jesus.

Jesus’ mission is publicized/revealed.

*Why is Jesus’ mission publicized/revealed?

*For whom is Jesus’ mission publicized/revealed?

10 considerations/dynamics/functions/observations in the public revelation of Jesus’ mission.

1. FAITHFUL(:16-17)

2. POWERLESS(:18a-b) Shepherdless/Need God’s direction

3. POOR(:18c)


5. CAPTIVES(:18e)

6. BLIND(:18f)

7. OPPRESSED(:18g)

8—Jesus’ mission is revealed for the...



:19—“To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD.””

6)Jesus’ mission included “proclaiming” that with Jesus’ formal induction, the favorable year of the LORD” has begun in earnest.

All the above are a part of this magnificent visitation of God, which per Jesus’ statement in :21 is fulfilled in Him alone as He is the Christ.

Jesus omits or perhaps Luke chose to omit the phrase “And the day of vengeance of our God; To comfort all who mourn.”(Isa. 61:2).

Some feel this may be to emphasize the presence of God’s grace thru His Christ versus His judgment. However the last phrase incorporates both “vengeance” as well as “comfort”(in Hebrew).

Regardless, this presentation in the synagogue would have emphasized Jesus’ mission as the Son of God who came to seek & to save that which was lost(Lk. 19:10).

*NOW is the time for you to respond...Not tomorrow or later or after you’ve gotten your life in order. The Holy Spirit will help you get your life in order, but in order for that to happen, you must first surrender your life to God thru Christ.

“Acceptable/Favorable”—dektov—Adj.—1) Accepted, acceptable. Strong—Approved; figuratively--Propitious. Used 5X.

From—decomai—V.—1) To take with the hand—1a) To take hold of, take up; 2) To take up, receive; 3) To receive, get. The suggestion of a welcoming or appropriating reception generally cleaves to decomai.

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